101 Things in 1001 Days

COMPLETED: 101 Things in 1001 Days!

I tackled 101 things in 1001 days that I had been too timid, too squeamish, or — let’s face it — too lazy to complete. These challenges helped me get out there and get things done, and I became less timid and squeamish.

 I won a BlogHer15 Voices of the Year award for this video. Check out my book about this quest: Timid No More. See also The Grid: 101 Things and Beyond.

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  1. 101 things in 1001 days Milk a cow: Well, did you ever milk a cow? (Completed September 21, 2013.) (See also: Scheduling a Cow)
  2. #2 Do 50 consecutive push-ups Do 50 consecutive push-ups: 50, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Push-up. (Completed August 3, 2011.)
  3. #3 Say yes to everything for a whole day 150 Say yes to everything for a whole day: Just Say Yes. (Completed January 21, 2013.)
  4. #4 Shoot a gun Shoot a gun: Die, Zombie Becky! (Completed May 22, 2011.)
  5. #5 Attend a UU church meeting 150 Attend a UU church meeting: A church where an atheist can feel at home. (Completed Jan. 6, 2013.)
  6. #6 Go to a roller derby 150 Go to a roller derby: Roller Derby Jam. (Completed February 23, 2013.)
  7. #7 Sing karaoke in a bar 150 Sing karaoke in a bar: I’ve got one more silver dollar. (Completed April 9, 2011.)
  8. #8 Take a trapeze class 150  Take a trapeze class: Confronting the Abyss at Trapeze School New York. (Completed July 10, 2013.)
  9. Make homemade pasta: Making homemade whole wheat pasta. (Completed April 29, 2012).
  10. #10 Document one month of my life 150 Document one month of my life in photographs: A Month in the Life: 300 Photos in 2 Minutes. (Completed June 30, 2013.)
  11. learning to juggle Learn to juggle three balls: Bar Juggling Scene. (Completed November 5, 2013.)
  12. 101 things in 1001 days Climb to the top of a tree and take a picture of the view: Go climb a tree. (Claimed to complete it  July 19, 2013.) Climb a tree, take three: I’ll take it. (Completed again September 28, 2013.)
  13. Listen to 10 classic albums all the way through: In the Days of My Youth … Listening to Led Zeppelin. (Completed December, 2011.)
  14. 101 things in 1001 days Watch all of IMDb’s Top 250 Movies: The credits finally roll on the IMDb Top 250. (Completed October 20, 2012).
  15. Make vegan cake pops: Macadamia cherry chocolate vegan cake pops. (Completed April 21, 2011.)
  16. 101 things in 1001 days Attend a New Year’s celebration; kiss at midnight: MCB on NYE. (Completed December 31, 2011.)
  17. Try Zumba: Your Momma Don’t Dance: Zumba Fail. (Completed April 2, 2011.)
  18. 101 things in 1001 days Go snowboarding: Slide, fall, struggle, repeat. (Completed February 21, 2012.)
  19. Ride a mechanical bull: Ride that bull. (Completed May 28, 2011.)
  20. American Gut study Donate blood again. Give a sample from my gut: Give gut. (Completed July 23, 2013.) Update: I Am Only 9 Percent Human: What’s in My Gut.
  21. Make eggplant lasagna. (Completed April 10, 2011.)
  22. Complete a spontaneous challenge: Three Meetups. (Completed February 18, 2012.)
  23. Eat pizza at Pepe’s: New Haven Apizza: Pepe’s vs. Sally’s. (Completed July 7, 2011.)
  24. Comment on 50 random blogs. (Completed Jan. 4, 2012.)
  25. Influence a person to make a Day Zero list. (Completed April 9, 2011. Thanks Shannon of My Place in the Race.)
  26. #26 Make a souffle 150 Make a soufflé: Sometimes redemption is cheesy. (Completed December 26, 2012).
  27. Memorize a favorite poem: Begrudgingly Intrigued Teenagers and J. Alfred Prufrock. (Completed June 18, 2012.)
  28. Visit a new UNESCO World Heritage Site: When the lights flicker on at the Parthenon. (Completed Aug. 6, 2011.)
  29. Bake bread from scratch again: Homemade bread. (Completed July 31, 2011.)
  30. Travel alone at least overnight: Pura Vida: Traveling Alone to Costa Rica. (Completed July 28, 2012.)
  31. Irish drum Record a song with me playing a bodhran with my family: Playing the bodhran, an Irish frame drum. (Completed November 30, 2013.)
  32. #32 Walk 10000 steps a day 150 Walk 10,000 steps a day for an average of six days a week: Still Stepping. (Completed the average ahead of time by doing it seven days a week; I had a streak going from 10/2/10 to 8/10/13 — 1,043 days: The Streak is Dead; Long Live the Streak.)
  33. 101 things in 1001 days Paint the garage doors: Graffiti to the Rescue: I Tagged My Garage. (Completed November 4, 2012.)
  34. Take an art class: Nude Poses, the Beats, and William Shatner Reading Rocket Man. (Completed June 12, 2012).
  35. #35 Volunteer at a soup kitchen150 Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter: Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, New Haven. (Completed January 20, 2013.)
  36. 101 things in 1001 days Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day: Hiking the Inca Trail, Day 4: Race to the Sun Gate and Machu Picchu. (Completed August 9, 2013.)
  37. Try to grow tomatoes again: Now That’s a Fresh Tomato. (Completed April 29, 2012.)
  38. Don’t complain about anything for a week: It took me only 13 days to stop complaining for a week. (Completed April 15, 2011.)
  39. Go to Greece: Vacation in Greece. (Completed August 4, 2011.)
  40. Send a secret to PostSecret. (Completed on a secret date.)
  41. #41 Read Anna Karenina 150 Read Anna Karenina: Driving in the Car with Anna Karenina. (Completed March 22, 2013.)
  42. Have a Philly cheesesteak in Philly: The City of Cheesesteaks and Brotherly Love. (Completed June 30, 2011.)
  43. Try at least five new recipes while eating vegetarian for a week: Five Great Vegetarian Recipes. (Completed June 5, 2011.)
  44. guitar lesson Relearn how to play “Greensleeves” on the guitar: Greensleeves and the F.U. Sharp. (Completed October 2, 2013.)
  45. #45 Have dinner by candlelight 150 Have dinner by candlelight: Hurricane Irene: Caffeine withdrawal, Cowboy Chili, and Dinner by Candlelight. (Completed August 28, 2011.)
  46. 46 De-clutter my house  Declutter my house: Decluttering my closets (and my life). (Completed December 23, 2013.)
  47. #47 Jump off a cliff 150 Jump off a cliff: Just let go: Jump off a cliff. (Completed August 24, 2012).
  48. #48 Attend a wine tasting 150 Attend a wine tasting: Mother’s Day Wine and Hike. (Completed May 13, 2012.)
  49. #49 Try savory oatmeal 150 Try at least five savory oatmeal recipes: Savoring Savory Oatmeal. (Completed July 23, 2011.)
  50. 101 things in 1001 days Take a yoga class again: Laughter Yoga, or Laughing When There’s No Joke. (Completed September 28, 2013.)
  51. #51 Tour a Connecticut brewery 150 Tour a Connecticut brewery: Beer Brewing. (Completed May 20, 2012.)
  52. #52 Go strawberry picking again 150 Go strawberry picking again: Radishes, scapes, and greens, oh my. (Completed June 10, 2012.)
  53. #53 Eat meatless at least once a week 150 Eat meatless at least one day a week on average: Going Meatless Monday | Meatless Monday (page). (Completed December, 2013.)
  54. #54 Brew my own beer 150 Brew my own beer: Beer Brewing. (Completed May 20, 2012.)
  55. #55 Play or get rid of the 32 board games in my basement 150 Play, give away, or throw out each of the 32 board games in my basement: Monopoly | Scrabble: When Words Become Math | Times to Remember | Board Games … Bored Games (Completed December 17, 2013.)
  56. #56 Make cheese fondue 150 Make cheese fondue: Christmas Eve Fondue. (Completed December 24, 2011.)
  57. #57 Hike Mount Katahdin 150 Hike Mount Katahdin: Hiking Mount Katahdin, the Final Summit of New England’s Highest Peaks. (Completed August 14, 2012.)
  58. zorbing Go zorbing: Zorbing: A Gigantic Hamster Ball and the Meaning of Life. (Completed September 1, 2013.)
  59. #59 Make a wooden frame 150 Make a wooden frame for the old homemade door panels my dad had made: Framing a Memory. (Completed February 21, 2013.)
  60. #60 Get a pedicure 150 Get a pedicure: Something fishy about this pedicure. (Completed August 13, 2011.)
  61. #61 Have my kids pick five ingredients for a meal 150 Have my kids pick five ingredients from the grocery store; feature them in a meal: Grocery store serendipity. (Completed October 9, 2011).
  62. #62 Drive a go kart again 150  Drive a go kart again: F1 Racing: Look at That Maniac Go. (Completed July 6, 2013.)
  63. #63 Go snowshoeing 150 Go snowshoeing: Definitely Enough Snow: Snowshoeing After Nemo. (Completed February 9, 2013.)
  64. #64 Try a new cuisine 150 Try a new cuisine: Pork, Squid, and Milkfish: A Filipino Meal. (Completed January 19, 2013).
  65. #65 Get a makeover 150 Get a makeover: Zombie Makeover: A Behind the Scenes Look. (Completed October 27, 2012.)
  66. #66 Write a haiku each day for a week 150 Write a haiku each day for a week that sums up or reflects upon the day: Haiku a Day. (Completed October 23, 2011.)
  67. #67 Go to five offbeat museums 150 Go to at least five offbeat or small museums. Bling at the PEZ Factory | Seagulls and the Temple of Trash | Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum | Melancholy at the Museum of Bad Art | Let’s Talk About the Museum of Sex(Completed July 10, 2013).
  68. #68 Get a graphic that represents my blog 150 Get a graphic that represents “(Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish.” (I made the header. Completed May, 2011.)
  69. #69 Visit at least three Road Food places 150 Visit at least three “Road Food” places I have never been to: The Connecticut Hot Dog Tour. (Completed May 14, 2011.)
  70. #70 Eat haggis 150 Eat haggis: Haggis: Can You Stomach It? (Completed February 22, 2013.)
  71. #71 Try to grow sunflowers again 150 Try to grow sunflowers again: Sprouting Sunflower Seeds. (Tried May 12, 2013; completed for real November 18, 2013.) Update: New life amid the polar vortex.
  72. #72 Organize the basement bins 150 Go through the basement bins and donate, sell, or throw out what I can: Just let go: Jump off a cliff. (Completed July 15, 2012.)
  73. Knit a scarf Knit something: Of course my husband wants a pink, purple, and turquoise scarf. (Completed December 4, 2013).
  74. #74 Make butter 150 Make butter: Homemade butter. (Completed July 30, 2011.)
  75. #75 Read at least 15 classics 150 Read at least 15 classics I’ve never read: Reading the Classics | I am not Rebecca–a sort of book review | My Antonia didn’t change, but I sure did (Completed October 6, 2013.)
  76. #76 Eat a cheeseburger at Louis' Lunch 150 Eat a cheeseburger at Louis’ Lunch: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce: Eating at Louis’ Lunch. (Completed April 16, 2011.)
  77. #77 Make my own hummus 150 Make my own hummus: Homemade hummus. (Completed April 18, 2011.)
  78. #78 Finalize my will 150 Finalize my will: Where there’s a will. (Completed June 9, 2013.)
  79. #79 Dance my way through Dance Central Dance my way through Dance Central with Kinect: I Bust a Move on Dance Central a/k/a Cartoons Pity Me in My Basement. (Completed July 8, 2013.)
  80. #80 Complete a planks challenge 150 Complete at least one other athletic challenge: Planks challenge. (Completed June, 2011.) Also: Fifty Shades of Mud: My Rugged Maniac Race Report.
  81. #81 Cook with tofu 150 Cook something with tofu or tempeh. (Completed May 2, 2011.)
  82. #82 Visit five Roadside America attractions 150 Visit at least five Roadside America attractions: Kitschy Connecticut. (Completed April 16, 2011.)
  83. #83 Have a cookout again 150 Have a cookout again. (Completed June 17, 2011.)
  84. #84 Make my own nut butter 150 Make my own nut butter: Maple Macadamia Nut Butter and Back to School Oatmeal. (Completed Jan. 8, 2012.)
  85. #85 Hit a bucket of golf balls 150 Hit a bucket of golf balls again: A bucket of golf balls. (Completed May 4, 2013.)
  86. #86 Go tubing down the Farmington River 150 Go tubing down the Farmington River with my kids: Drifting Down a Lazy River at the End of Summer. (Completed August 23, 2013.)
  87. #87 Make a fire in the fireplace 150 Make a fire in the fireplace: October Surprise: A cold “staycation” without power. (Completed October 29, 2011.)
  88. #88 Give away the stained glass pieces 150 Give away or throw out the collection of stained glass pieces and scraps in the basement. (Completed July 29, 2011.)
  89. #89 Adopt a word 150 Adopt a word at savethewords.org: adimpleate. (Completed Nov. 7, 2011.)
  90. Metacomet Trail Help clean up the Quinnipiac or something else outdoors: Other people’s garbage. (Completed July 28, 2013.)
  91. #91 Go to a farmer's market 150 Go to a farmer’s market: The Farmers Market and the Real Food Pledge. (Completed June 11, 2011.)
  92. #92 Make Spambalaya Jambalaya 150 Make Spambalaya Jambalaya: Spam, Spam, Shrimp, and Spam. (Completed Jan. 12, 2013).
  93. #93 Go to the beach 150 Go to the beach again. (Completed August 11, 2011.)
  94. #94 Eat exotic French fries 150 Eat French fries topped with sweet mango chutney mayo (or something similarly exotic): Go to New York for French Fries. (Completed April 22, 2011.)
  95. 101 things in 1001 days Fast for one day of Ramadan: An Unseen Sweetness: Fast for One Day of Ramadan. (Completed July 21, 2013.)
  96. #96 See at least five live shows 150 See at least five live shows: Big Grooves and Little Feat: Concert Review; MCB on NYE; Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble; Garth Hudson; Amy Helm. (Completed March 29, 2013.)
  97. #97 Make another Shutterfly book 150 Make another Shutterfly book. (Completed August, 2011.)
  98. #98 Sell some Elks pins on eBay 150 Sell some more Elks pins on eBay. (Completed April 15, 2012.)
  99. #99 Give up caffeine for a day 150 Give up caffeine for a day: Hurricane Irene: Caffeine withdrawal, Cowboy Chili, and Dinner by Candlelight. (Completed August 28, 2011.)
  100. #100 Have an oyster pan roast 150 Have another oyster pan roast at Grand Central Oyster Bar. (Completed April 22, 2011.)
  101. #101 Complete a video game challenge 150 Complete a video game challenge set by my kids: A noob gets pwned: Giving World of Warcraft a try at my children’s insistence. (Completed August 27, 2011.)

101 things in 1001 days Beyond 101 Things, the spot for new list-worthy adventures


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47 Responses to 101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Marcy says:

    My page comments didn’t make the move over from my Blogger site. Here they are:

    sammy said… http://myhealthyhappyfamily.blogspot.com/
    Love the list!!
    April 12, 2011 7:27 AM

    pip gray said… http://pipandlife.blogspot.com/
    go to an roller derby is a great one! i went to my first a few weeks ago and it was such an electric atmosphere, i imagine it’s even better in the states x (loving your blog btw, I came for the cake pops but i’m staying for the inspiration)
    May 9, 2011 5:47 PM

    thelaughinghousewife said… http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/
    Some great challenges here I’ll be borrowing.
    Nice to meet you!
    May 27, 2011 7:56 AM

  2. Jillian says:

    Give up caffeine for a day! I wanted to write that but didn’t think I’d make it. 😉

    Great list. Have fun with this. It’s such an awesome project. 🙂

  3. What a fantastic list, and what a wonderful life you’re going to be living making them happen!! Awesome. I’m truly inspired. Glad I found you on the 31DBBB challenge at Sits. 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    I found you via #SITS31DBBB – loved your pitch and just wanted to tell you: I was going to publish my 101 in 1001 list tomorrow. I started today and I’m sooo much looking forward to it. Great blog!

  5. Adena says:

    Love the list!! Borrowed a few and then got inspired and even added more to my Bucket List (tab on my blog.) Visiting via #SITS31DBBB. Loving your site, I’ve hit mid-life and trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone too so your blog is like a kindred spirit right now 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    Love your list! You almost tempted me to make my own list. Almost – I’m too squeamish:) I’ll be watching as you progress. Have fun!

  7. What a great list. I love what you’re doing here. I admire you. We are all too timid and squeamish and need to push ourselves through. Therein lies confidence and adventure! I liked your Facebook page, I’m looking forward to seeing you complete more on this list and get inspired by you!

  8. You’re doing really well with your tasks! 🙂

  9. Rahmath says:

    Hey, loved your list.Tempted to make mine, i must say. Came here from a “how to stop complaining” blog….But got more out of it…..

  10. Rahmath says:

    Hey Marcy,
    I hope you dont mind me linking your page to mine. Started the list. Reached only 26.
    Rahmath recently posted..And so the preparations beginMy Profile

  11. Ooh, I like a lot of these items, I just may have to borrow a few for my list! ;P
    Amy @ Turtle-speed Runner recently posted..WIGTOW? (What I’m going to eat Wednesday)My Profile

  12. This is cool. I’ve seen this before but I haven’t tried it. I do have a life list (with some bigger, more outrageous things) but this might be a great way to jack it up a notch.
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger recently posted..To Make an End is to Make a BeginningMy Profile

  13. Hahaha. I love your list, so full of good humour. Goal 001 made me giggle and then some of the titles of your updates made me giggle harder… *added to rss read swiftly*

  14. ruth says:

    Hi Marcy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list! It’s amazing! I myself love making lists as well! You have just captured my heart! Do know that you now have a follower here in El Salvador 😉
    ruth recently posted..Turkey and guacamole rollMy Profile

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  17. Pamela says:

    What a brilliant idea, We kind of do the bucket list thing. But I have to admit, your ideas are clever.
    Pamela recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

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  19. Stephanie says:

    Love your list, so inspired to make my own now. Will definitely give you link love and credit when I make my own list one day. 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted..Me TimeMy Profile

  20. Pingback: Inspiration « Les bonnes résolutions de Marjan

  21. This is a fantastic list! I have a list of yearly goals, and one of mine is similar to yours: go an entire day without saying no to my husband or children.

    I haven’t completed that goal yet…. I haven’t even come close! 🙂
    The Lovely One recently posted..It’s Fall Ya’ll!My Profile

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  23. Naila Moon says:

    Great list. I have done 52 in 52 weeks but you have inspired me to maybe take on the 101!
    btw-if you really want to get rid of your games, send them to me…really!
    e-mail me about them.
    ~Naila Moon

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  25. Samantha says:

    I really like your list and the way you are doing them. Great blog in general!

  26. Pingback: Starting Over | My Place in the Race

  27. Rob says:

    Being so close to the end of your list is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! You know I found you through yeah write during the 30 days of hell known as NaBloPoMo. I know some people loved it, and I must admit, I did love finding new blogs to follow. Why don’t you have a follow button? (If you use JetPack, they have a plug-in that they forgot to include in the original package).

    Anyway…because you are awesome…

    I have nominated you for an award. I love your blog, so I thought I would show you a little blog love. Feel free to accept the award – you are very deserving! However, if you don’t wish to participate, that’s okay, too 🙂

    Rob recently posted..My First Award – Most Influential Blogger AwardMy Profile

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  31. CC says:

    This list of 101 things in 1001 days is so fantastic. I am in awe of your motivation….so very inspiring and fun. It makes me {almost} want to create my own amazing list so I can have a personalized impressive list of interesting feats. However, for now, all this vicarious living has worn me out, and I’m going to sleep! {But, seriously….you ROCK!!!!}
    CC recently posted..The Howling HourglassMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks so much, CC–I miss my list now that’s it’s over, but I am glad to be done with it, too. Maybe you should make that list?

  32. Thanks, I have really enjoyed reading through your blog. Now that you have finished your 1001 days, what are you doing now?

    I have selected a few things from your list that I would like to do myself. They are:
    Try Spam (the food)
    Try Zumba
    Make eggplant lasagna
    Try at least 5 savoury oatmeal recipes
    Get a pedicure
    Fast for one day of Ramadan

    Looking forward to them!

    • Marcy says:

      I haven’t been doing anything in particular since I finished my list, but I have been making sure that I keep trying new things. I do kind of miss having the focus of the list, but I also didn’t want to do another one. Good luck with the things you put on your list, and thanks for writing. 🙂

  33. Vanessa says:

    These are awesome! You are an inspiration!

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