Quarterly Reports

101 Things in 1001 Days: Quarterly Reports

COMPLETED: 101 Things in 1001 Days!

  • 1st quarterly report (April – June, 2011): As I look back on my first three months, sensations spring to mind: shooting a zombie in the face, hugging a full-grown hot dog man, crunching bean sprouts in my oatmeal, hearing the nostalgic hiss of a vinyl record, ruing my confused ineptitude during a Zumba class, getting flung off an enormous fake bull.… It’s been a thrill so far! {19 challenges completed}
  • 2nd quarterly report (July – September, 2011): With a trip to Greece and a hurricane, the last three months have been a whirlwind. Now that I’m back to teaching and heading into fall, I’m sure things will slow down. Proudest moment: Completing 50 consecutive push-ups. Most n00bie moment: Floundering through World of Warcraft. {15 challenges completed}
  • 3rd quarterly report (October – December, 2011): I definitely slowed down during the last few months. Still, with 41 tasks done and 60 more to go, progress is progress. With pickles dipped in cheese, Led Zeppelin, and a curling class haiku, I had more than my share of fun! {7 challenges completed}
  • 4th quarterly report (January – March, 2012): The winter was tough, but I’ve completed 45 tasks during my first year. I’m ready for spring! {4 challenges completed}
  • 5th quarterly report (April – June, 2012): It’s been a busy spring, and I have some adventures lined up for the summer. {10 challenges completed}
  • 6th quarterly report (July – September, 2012): By far, my biggest thrill this quarter was traveling alone to Costa Rica. Jumping off a cliff was pretty thrilling too. {5 challenges completed}
  • 7th quarterly report (October – December, 2012): While I only completed four tasks this quarter, I have to say, they were pretty epic tasks: I finished all the movies with a monumental effort, I sprayed my blog name on my garage doors, and I became a zombie. Plus, I got cheese soufflé. Not bad. {4 challenges completed}
  • 8th quarterly report (January – March, 2013): I rocked the final winter of my challenge, reveling in trash, haggis, Pez, roller derby, snowshoeing, Spam, and more. {11 challenges completed}
  • 9th quarterly report (April – June, 2013): I am in my final six months, and I made pretty good progress this quarter. Now that summer is in full swing, though, I am really going to step it up. {4 challenges completed}
  • 10th quarterly report (July – September, 2013): From a flying trapeze and rolling zorb to museums devoted to bad art and good sex, along with a cow to milk, some very awkward dance moves, and a screaming go kart, I made the most of my final summer. {13 challenges completed}
  • 11th quarterly report (October – December, 2013): I broke out my guitar and bodhrán, finally learned to juggle, and finished those tasks that I had been putting off to complete my list. Yay! {9 challenges completed}

And Beyond…

  • 12th quarterly report (January – March, 2014): List completed, I had worried that I would have nothing to write about and that seems to have happened. Still, I did a few new things that I got excited about. {3 challenges completed}
  • 13th quarterly report (April – June, 2014): It was a slow spring, but I had a blast with a Gargle Blaster, a bash on the Brooklyn Bridge, and a smash at a charitable tennis tournament. {4 challenges completed}
  • 14th quarterly report (July – September, 2014): I got interviewed by a reporter and got active again. {2 challenges completed}
  • 15th quarterly report (October – December, 2014): Some garlic, a psychic, a cocktail, and figs. {7 challenges completed}

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