Push-ups Challenge


It’s getting tough at two weeks in. I am trying a push-ups challenge and repeating days as often as needed. I plan to stick with it for at least six weeks and see how far I get.

One thing I like about it is that it breaks the number of push-ups down into sets, rather than having me try to do my maximum every time. As I write this, though, I am procrastinating from actually doing the push-ups!

One hundred push-ups training program

Update: I broke through the procrastination and completed the Week 1, Day 3 workout. On the fifth set, I had to do my maximum, which was 10. Grueling! I did it between bouts of walking on the treadmill while watching a “Sex and the City” rerun, though, so that made it kind of fun.

Update 2: Push-ups, revisited

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  1. Anonymous says:

    now that is proper push up form! Alicia

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