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Ode to Movies

When I used to teach a film class, I started each class with a short “Clip of the Day” in which we discussed different genres or topics. I edited this video using moments from the various clips.

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Push-ups, Revisited

When Morgan at Life After Bagels posted her “Pipes Challenge,” I got the boost I needed for my own floundering push-ups challenge. I have been slogging away at them for about eight weeks. (Here is my original post “Push-ups Challenge.”) … Continue reading

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Internet Exile, Part Two

(Internet Exile, Part One) Two quick observations after avoiding the Internet for a week: Wow, I waste a lot of time on the Internet. Man, I love the Internet. My students were born in 1998. They are shocked to hear … Continue reading

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Internet Exile, Part One

I am swearing off the Internet for a week. No Facebook, no email, no Huffington Post. I waste a lot of time mindlessly surfing the web, and I want to break the habit. I predict this will be a very … Continue reading

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The Danwich

The Danwich vs. Brie with figs My youngest son is a picky eater whose choices defy logic. He will eat pasta in macaroni and cheese, and he will eat pasta sauce on pizza, but he will not eat pasta with … Continue reading

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