Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce: Eating at Louis’ Lunch

We squeezed into the crowd of wall-to-wall people to wait our turn to eat a hamburger at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven. Reportedly, the American hamburger was invented here in 1900 when a man in a hurry rushed in and asked for a meal he could eat quickly, and Louis Lassen threw a broiled beef patty between two slices of bread for him to eat on the go.

The wait is quite a bit longer now as Louis’ Lunch has become a Connecticut landmark. My husband and I had potato salad while we waited and were lucky to get one of the tiny adorable booths that seat one person on each side.

The atmosphere of the place was very friendly, with the waitresses joking with the cook and the customers. The wait was about an hour—very long for 3 p.m. on a Saturday—but it seemed much faster for the regulars who were fit in between the other orders.

The burgers are made from beef that is ground fresh daily and broiled vertically on both sides at once in a cast iron grill.

The burgers were juicy and tasty. They are served on toast, and the only garnishes allowed are cheese, onion, and tomato. No ketchup; no mustard; no pickles!

“Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce…”

#76. 101 things in 1001 days. Eat a cheeseburger at Louis’ Lunch.

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  1. Shannon ~ My Place In The Race says:

    LOL! I love that sign at the end! Awesome 🙂

    You are knocking that list out lady! So inspiring you are!

  2. Travelbug says:

    That sign is hilarious!
    What a cool restaurant :o)

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