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Ride that bull

I have an inordinate love of the movie Urban Cowboy. Little did I realize that there is a full-fledged Gilley’s-esque country Valhalla right in my midst at Cadillac Ranch. When I found out they had a mechanical bull, I knew … Continue reading

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Under construction

I am in the process of moving my blog from Blogger to here. Please update your bookmarks with the new address: It looks like the posts moved over fine. I lost the links to bloggers in the comments, though, … Continue reading

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Die, Zombie Becky!

As a kid, I was steeped in a broth of James Bond, with a heavy dose of Dirty Harry mixed in. I also have a weirdly defective startle response and routinely scream during benign situations if I am surprised. People … Continue reading

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Still stepping: 10,000 steps a day

UPDATE: My streak ended on day 1,043: The streak is dead; long live the streak. I love a good streak. I am on day 232 of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Now, I know this is a little … Continue reading

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The Connecticut Hot Dog Tour

I won’t be eating another hot dog anytime soon. On Saturday, I completed the Connecticut Hot Dog Tour. A group of men, including my husband, organized a tour of 10 famed hot dog joints in the state (a bonus eleventh … Continue reading

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Photography challenge: Laughter

I have a new digital SLR camera, but I am stuck shooting in auto mode. I had a photography class way back in high school, but remember nothing. I am thinking of taking an online digital photography class, and I … Continue reading

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Planks challenge

I am excited to join the Planks Challenge for the next six weeks. I am still in the midst of the push-ups challenge, so I plan to alternate days. For my pre-test today, I held a plank for one minute. … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

I have put up an About page. Check it out.

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