Photography challenge: Laughter

I have a new digital SLR camera, but I am stuck shooting in auto mode. I had a photography class way back in high school, but remember nothing. I am thinking of taking an online digital photography class, and I stumbled upon this adorable challenge.

Boating Bliss

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4 Responses to Photography challenge: Laughter

  1. Shannon @ My Place In The Race says:

    I've had my camera for two years and still pretty much don't know how to use it. LOL!

  2. Becky says:

    Great photo 🙂 Actually, I'm taking Faith's photography class at Simplicity right now and I'm learning so much!! It's really inexpensive-you should think about doing it!

  3. Agra says:
    Hi Marcy!
    I took this course. Brilliant! They send you stuff and you do their assignments and submit them. Then they give you feedback.

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