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50 push-ups challenge update: Collapse one push-up from goal

(Push-ups Part 1: Push-ups Challenge, Part 2: Push-ups, Revisited, Part 3: Still pushing) As forlorn as I am about failing to complete my 50 push-ups challenge, I have to admit that the look of shock on my face when I … Continue reading

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Homemade butter

Feeling like I was in the middle of a Shake Weight infomercial, I took my turn shaking the heavy cream to make homemade butter. To make about a half cup of butter, first I measured out a cup of heavy … Continue reading

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Got sugar? Remove flavored milk from school cafeterias

  Got sugar? Chances are, your kids do. Sugary, flavored milk is increasingly given to children twice a day in their school cafeterias. ———- An open letter to the Cheshire (CT) Board of Education: Kids today get bombarded by junk … Continue reading

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Comment on 50 random blogs

Photo by FadderUri One of the tasks on my 101 things list is to comment on 50 random blogs. I have been making a comment or two a day on some random blogs. It has been fun so far, as … Continue reading

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Cardio Tennis

“Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got fun and games.” — Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose wails while I run to smash a forehand across the court. I’m at Copper Valley Club’s Cardio Tennis, a fun class that combines tennis drills … Continue reading

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New Haven Apizza: Pepe’s vs. Sally’s

New Haven Apizza On Wooster Street in New Haven are two famed New Haven apizza (pizza) restaurants. New Haven-style pizza is cooked in a brick oven and noted for its thin crispy crust. Pepe’s, the original from 1925, and Sally’s, … Continue reading

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The City of Cheesesteaks and Brotherly Love

Strolling through a park on a pleasant summer’s afternoon in Philly, I heard out of the corner of my ear a pronounced, “Ah, now Boston is not entirely fashionable.” I turned, and a woman dressed in a gown and petticoat … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday (Philly edition)

For Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I found this week’s subjects while on an overnight trip to Philadelphia. For the photo scavenger hunt, I needed to take photos related to the following five prompts. 1. Crossing the Threshold We toured an exhibit … Continue reading

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