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A noob gets pwned: Giving World of Warcraft a try at my children’s insistence

A noob* gets pwned*    (*see glossary) My two sons and husband were amazed I could even die so early and thought I should get an achieve* just for doing so at level 1. I couldn’t help it. I was totally … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene: Caffeine Withdrawal, Cowboy Chili, and Dinner by Candlelight

It took a hurricane to keep me off caffeine for a day. As Hurricane Irene worked her way up the East coast on Sunday, I awoke at 6 a.m. without power. I looked at the trees blowing in the wind. … Continue reading

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What I Ate in Greece

For “What I Ate Wednesday,” I wanted to give you an idea of the food I enjoyed during my vacation in Greece. I loved the food — plenty of ripe, luscious fruits, lots of salads with vividly red tomatoes and … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday (Greece edition)

For Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I selected photos from my recent vacation in Greece. For the photo scavenger hunt, I needed to take photos related to the following five prompts. 1. Geometry Church ceiling, island of Kythnos 2. Brushstrokes I was … Continue reading

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Something fishy about this pedicure

Having fish nibbling at my toes wasn’t the strangest part of the experience when I got a pedicure on Mykonos during my vacation in Greece. By now, I imagine people all over the world have shown a picture of my … Continue reading

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Vacation in Greece

As we got off the subway in Athens, we glimpsed the Parthenon sitting atop the Acropolis. We had a great view of it glowing in the distance from our hotel’s pool deck, too. When we climbed to the top of … Continue reading

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50, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Push-up

(Push-ups Part 1: Push-ups Challenge, Part 2: Push-ups, Revisited, Part 3: Still pushing, Part 4: Collapse one push-up from goal) . Victory! I’ve been slogging away at the dreaded push-up for over six months. I’ve sure had my ups and … Continue reading

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Big Grooves and Little Feat: Concert review

Little Feat, Warner Theatre (Torrington, CT), July 31, 2011 I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow I’m drunk and dirty don’t ya know, and I’m still, willin’ The adoring crowd was with Little Feat all the way, … Continue reading

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Homemade bread

What’s better than making homemade butter? Having it on homemade bread, of course! I used a basic white bread recipe from good old Betty Crocker. First, I mixed up the ingredients: flour, sugar, salt, shortening, yeast, and water. (I so … Continue reading

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