Big Grooves and Little Feat: Concert review

Little Feat, Warner Theatre (Torrington, CT), July 31, 2011

I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow
I’m drunk and dirty don’t ya know, and I’m still, willin’

The adoring crowd was with Little Feat all the way, but it was definitely the classic rock songs that got the old folks boogieing. Don’t get the impression this was an “oldies band,” though, as they breathed new life into the songs they joyfully shared.

With their eclectic, sometimes mellow/sometimes jamming sound and their fine musicianship, the band Little Feat delivered a crowd-pleasing show to an intimate gathering of about 250 fans in the small studio section of the Warner Theater on July 31.

I had last seen Little Feat in the late-80s; over twenty years and some lineup changes later, they are still going strong.

Some of the standouts from the concert:

  • Old Folks’ Boogie — With many gray hairs in the crowd, there was a wave of approving chuckles as they introduced this song in honor of a friend’s birthday.
  • Spanish Moon — This song starts moodily and slowly builds to a full-out rocking jam.
  • Willin’ –They introduced this gem by advising the audience: “This is our singalong song in both country and western.” They performed a slow, beautiful version featuring mandolin.
  • They’re Red Hot (Hot Tamales) — The trumpet and kazoo (I think) in their frenetic, rollicking version of Robert Johnson’s blues standard got the crowd on its feat feet.
  • Fat Man in the Bathtub — On my list of the 50 greatest rock songs, their performance of this song was fantastic.
  • Dixie Chicken — The crowd of course knew what the encore would be when they left the stage without having performed their biggest hit. After performing half of it, the musicians took turns performing solos before leaving the stage and giving the spotlight to the others, and then they all came back for a rousing finish.

For whatever reason, a pretty large chunk of people my age–and many, many younger people–don’t know about this band, although they’ll probably recognize at least one or two of their songs. If you like rock music, but don’t know about them, check them out.

What’s your favorite Little Feat song?

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