Scavenger Hunt Sunday (Greece edition)

For Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I selected photos from my recent vacation in Greece. For the photo scavenger hunt, I needed to take photos related to the following five prompts.

1. Geometry

Church ceiling, island of Kythnos

2. Brushstrokes

I was delighted by the artwork of a local painter on the island of Kea. We caught a glimpse of him on the island and heard stories about how he took things that happened on the island and interpreted them in his paintings. In this painting, the white dancing donkeys represent people from outside of the village of Ioulida.

3. Hanging by a Thread

We hiked to the top of Filopappos Hill to get a good view of the Parthenon at night. We made it up and waited for sunset. The problem was, though, that we noticed the trail was not lit, so the longer we waited, the darker and more dangerous it would be to hike down. My two teenage boys were bored and cranky, and they wanted to go. My husband was getting agitated about the hike down. I was the only one who kept pleading to stay a few more minutes. The sun set, and I held on as long as I could. Lights flickered on at the Parthenon. I would have like for it to have gotten darker, but since I was “hanging by a thread,” I snapped the picture and started hurrying down the trail. (Update: I wrote more about this here: When the lights flicker on at the Parthenon.)

4. Collage

I love how the men in this photo seem together as a group and yet all lost in their private thoughts. I love how many of them have similar caps. I had liked the photo a lot already, but I loved how the collage prompt really allowed me to emphasize the different men.

5. On the Dotted Line

Ano Syros was an amazing Medieval settlement at the top of a hill on the island of Syros. We walked to the top and through many winding twists and turns to explore the village. When is was time to try to find our way back, we noticed that a pattern in the sidewalk pointed the way back, and we followed its twists and turns all the way down.

You can check out how other people interpreted the themes by clicking the button below.

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7 Responses to Scavenger Hunt Sunday (Greece edition)

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  2. Ashley Sisk says:

    These are all so beautiful. So glad you linked up – my favorite is your hanging by a thread shot.
    Ashley Sisk recently posted..Shoot and Edit: Week 33 – Shadows SOOCMy Profile

  3. robin says:

    such culture in these captures…so lovely! On the dotted line is my favorite, the stairs just draw your eyes down to the gorgeous town!

  4. Linda R says:

    These look amazing.. Your did such a great job with the prompts this week.. The dotted line photo looks wonderful..
    Linda R recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday…My Profile

  5. Robyn says:

    Love your interpretation of hanging by a thread and on the dotted line is beautiful. I dream of going to Greece one day.
    Robyn recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday—Parallel Lines, Monet and Willy WonkaMy Profile

  6. Lindylor says:

    I love all of your shots for the hunt, but especially the dotted line and collage. Isn’t Greece inspiring…really very nice.

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