Something fishy about this pedicure

Having fish nibbling at my toes wasn’t the strangest part of the experience when I got a pedicure on Mykonos during my vacation in Greece. By now, I imagine people all over the world have shown a picture of my feet to their curious loved ones.

FishMe Spa, Mykonos

When I plunged my feet into the cold water, the little Garra Rufa fish immediately started nibbling at the dead skin on my feet. I happened to be sitting at the tank nearest the door, so while I felt timid enough about doing this, it felt extra strange to see the squeamish faces of other tourists coming in and snapping close-ups of my feet.

One woman who looked particularly apprehensive about it fearfully asked me, “Is there pain?”

“It kills,” I groaned, kidding. Her eyes opened wider. I assured her, though, that it didn’t hurt at all. It felt like bubbles from a hot tub were brushing against my feet. After the 15 minute treatment, my feet felt smooth and massaged.

I stayed away from the seafood at dinner that night.

Would you like to have little fish nibble at your feet?

Mykonos, Greece

#60. 101 things in 1001 days. Get a pedicure. {Check out my ebook about this quest: Timid No More.}

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14 Responses to Something fishy about this pedicure

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  2. That is so freaking cool! I’d so love that! I’d probably be giggling the entire time 😀
    Shannon ~ My Place In The Race recently posted..Lazy Recovery SundayMy Profile

  3. sammy says:

    Apparently they do this a lot in Bali too … hopefully I will have a photo to compare with you!
    sammy recently posted..Tasty TastyMy Profile

  4. OH that would be so weird! And isn’t that part of the world so beautiful?

  5. I’ve always thought it would feel weird, but I’d be willing to give it a go! Thanks for Rewinding.

  6. Zanni Louise says:

    Very unusual! Sure, why not?
    Visiting for Rewind.

  7. Juliann says:

    LoL. I had much the same experience in Singapore except that I was there alone, so wasn’t being photographed, and I had to endure 30 minutes, not 15. I’ll consider it a once-in-a-lifetime thing. 😉
    Juliann recently posted..The Main Attractions: Prambanan and BorobudurMy Profile

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