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Lesson in Curling

Q: How do you stop the bacon from curling in the pan? A: Take away their little brooms.     (Curling joke source) In my curling lesson, I learned to shoot a stone from the hack, to sweep to help a teammate’s … Continue reading

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Haiku a Day

My one-o-one list Has a task to write haiku Each day for a week Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:(Photo by Chris at a curling lesson) And a fall haiku: Update: This is one of the 101 things in … Continue reading

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Sleepers: 10 movies you’ve never seen, but should

These 10 movies blew me away. While some of you have seen some of them, most of you haven’t seen all of them. If you’re looking for something to add to your queue, you should check these movies out. 1. … Continue reading

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Grocery store serendipity

I vetoed Devil Dogs immediately, but the boys held firm on hot dogs. My sons were given the job to pick out any five ingredients to be included in our dinner. Their choices: hot dogs elbow macaroni escarole tomatoes Ritz … Continue reading

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Guest post on traveling the world with children

Check out my guest post on the SITS Girls website: How to travel the world with your children (and, no, Epcot is not the real world) (Video link) You can see some of that mud I was talking about in … Continue reading

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I am not Rebecca–a sort of book review

I despised the beginning of Rebecca, a tedious, drawn-out slog through the ruins of an English estate. And I felt scorn for the narrator, too, a fearful lower-class woman who married up and hid from the servants so they wouldn’t … Continue reading

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