Grocery store serendipity

I vetoed Devil Dogs immediately, but the boys held firm on hot dogs. My sons were given the job to pick out any five ingredients to be included in our dinner. Their choices:

  1. hot dogs
  2. elbow macaroni
  3. escarole
  4. tomatoes
  5. Ritz crackers

They could have been a lot more diabolical. There had been talk of caramel, anchovies, and beets as featured ingredients.

I decided to use the hot dogs and escarole in a “Dress it Up, Dress it Down Mac and Cheese.” I crisped up hot dog slices, sauteed the escarole, and threw it all together with elbows and a cheese sauce.

I wasn’t so sure what to do with the tomatoes and crackers. I finally decided to give the tomatoes a Ritz cracker breading and put them on top.

The verdict: This was one of my more popular family dinners. I wouldn’t have planned on the tomato topping, but it worked out well.

At least I didn’t have to top the mac and cheese with Devil Dogs. That would have been really diabolical.

Mac and cheese with hot dogs and escarole

Dress it Up, Dress it Down Mac and Cheese

I thought this video on YouTube was pretty cute. “Lost in the Supermarket” by the Clash:

#61. 101 things in 1001 days. Have my kids pick five ingredients from the grocery store; feature them in a meal.

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9 Responses to Grocery store serendipity

  1. Wow! Great job! Very creative 😀
    Shannon ~ My Place In The Race recently posted..Nice & RelaxedMy Profile

  2. Julie says:

    Ha ha. That is GREAT! I think your boys were really quite kind in the end with the ingredients they chose. It could have been much worse!
    Julie recently posted..How to really love your {spouse}My Profile

  3. CMcKane says:

    Great idea and yum the tomatoes look really good on top!
    CMcKane recently posted..52 Recipes: Apple and Raisin Oven PancakeMy Profile

  4. Shannon says:

    When I first saw the ingredients I thought “blech!”, but I have to say that looks really good, especially the tomatoes with the Ritz cracker coating. I don’t dare try that experiment with my kids, though. I’d be trying to whip up a dinner with popsicles and bbq chips.
    Shannon recently posted..THINGS TO DO IN CINCINNATI – SPRING GROVE CEMETERYMy Profile

  5. sammy says:

    I’m going to get my boys to do this … I’m sure your boys had a great time with it.
    sammy recently posted..I’m a bit excited!!My Profile

  6. Jennifer says:

    We love doing this sort of thing. Such a great way to get them to help out!
    Jennifer recently posted..Happiness isMy Profile

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