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Fes Medina, Morocco video

A short video about my amazing walk through the Fes Medina in Morocco “As we sped along in a van looking down on the sprawling, ancient Fes Medina, my heart began to race. What secrets lie inside its walls? What would … Continue reading

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Build a Better Blog

I got so much out of working through the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog ebook this past summer, so I was excited to see the release of the second edition. I highly recommend it. It has a lot … Continue reading

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A high school English teacher once warned me and my class that we may find the existential angst in The Stranger by Albert Camus upsetting. I was intrigued. I had never received a warning about reading a book before. I … Continue reading

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One-finger handstand

My son Daniel had a fun idea for a photograph at Four Corners, USA when we visited in 2007: a one-finger handstand. Four Corners–the spot where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet–is a cool place to visit. (There’s a … Continue reading

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My First (and Second) Confession

Photo by Emilio Labrador There was a glitch somewhere along the way to my Confirmation, but I wasn’t about to let it keep me from finishing catechism if I could help it. As a young Catholic who usually only attended … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday (November 13, 2011)

For Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week, people took photos related to the following five prompts. I used photos from my archives for this hunt. 1. Before and After I can’t believe how long my boys hair got in 2007. For … Continue reading

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Matches? We don’t need no stinking matches

I really don’t need matches. I am a passionate nonsmoker. They always gave them away for free, though, so I always grabbed one. (I can’t resist taking the little shampoo bottles from hotels, either.) It became a history of all … Continue reading

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Cookies and other important matters

Three things: 1. I am excited to join the Cookie Swap that I first heard about from Shannon at My Place in the Race. Anyone have a great cookie recipe to recommend? 2. I extended the writing prompt link party, … Continue reading

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Ready to taste tagine again

Root vegetable tagine As much as I love the flavors of Moroccan cooking, I had tagine overload from my trip there in 2010. Tagine, a Moroccan stew, was served for lunch and dinner for two weeks, along with a few … Continue reading

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Too much time on my hands

Juggling practice: “Never had one lesson!” (Update: Bar Juggling Scene) Miscellany Monday This is my 6th day off work because of a freak October snowstorm. I love a good snow day, but man, oh man, I hope things get back … Continue reading

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