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I got so much out of working through the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog ebook this past summer, so I was excited to see the release of the second edition.

I highly recommend it. It has a lot of information for experienced bloggers who want to improve their blogs, as well as for those who are just starting out.

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I worked through the first edition of the workbook last summer with the SITS Girls, and I learned so much. In the book, Darren Rowse teaches 31 tasks for improving a blog. Each chapter features teaching about the task, tips for completing it, examples, and links for further reading.

When I worked through the book, these were some of the tasks that I got the most out of:

  • The elevator pitch. The workbook gives guidance on writing a quick pitch that is short enough to give during an elevator ride. Part of the pitch I wrote during this exercise became the tagline at the top of my blog. It was a tough exercise to try to think of a concise way to hook someone to check out my blog.
  • The list post. I had never tried a list post before, but I, like many, love to read them. The workbook has many ideas and examples for writing great list posts.
  • The link post. Some of my greatest pleasure in blogging has come from the interactions I have had with other bloggers, and the link post is a great way to help your readers connect with other bloggers.
  • The opinion post. I did feel very timid and squeamish about putting my opinions in posts, and I still do, but this is such a good way to get engagement from readers. I didn’t tackle any highly controversial topics in my first opinion post, but it was so helpful to have encouragement to try this type of post.
  • The review post. I really loved reviewing Pepe’s vs. Sally’s, two of New Haven, Connecticut’s most famous pizza restaurants.
  • Interlink old posts. I had never tried this before, and the workbook gave a lot of ideas and advice on how to do it. My favorite interlink was from my Connecticut Hot Dog Tour post: “Hot dogs not your thing? Take me to the falafel.” (This task from the first edition is now in the extra week of tasks.)

The book has many more lessons and gives a lot of help in building a community of readers on your blog.

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If you are interested in the book, I thank you for clicking through on the above link to make your purchase, which will help support my blog.

I would love to hear about how you like the book and to see any posts you write or changes you make.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate marketer and will get a portion of the sales price if you click through the above link to make your purchase. All opinions I expressed about the ebook are my own.

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  1. Shannon says:

    You’re right on! That’s a fabulous ebook. 🙂
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  2. mamawolfe says:

    Great ideas! I’ve done some, but you inspired me to do more! I’ve nominated you for the ‘My Blog Is Great!” award! Come over to mamawolfe and see what you won!
    mamawolfe recently posted..Sassy Lady BloggersMy Profile

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