I want to feature your tips and stories: Comfort zone shake-up

I am planning a “Comfort Zone Shake-up” post that shares some tips and stories from you about getting out of your comfort zone.

Please contribute one sentence (or more) that I could feature in the post, and I will include a link back to your blog. Non-bloggers, I would love to hear from you too!

Ideas of what to send:

  • Tell a brief story about a time you got out of your comfort zone. How did it go?
  • What are the benefits of trying new things or things that make you uncomfortable? What are the risks?
  • What tip do you have for someone who is avoiding trying new things?

Please email your contribution to me at


or by using the contact form at the right.

I can’t wait to hear your stories and tips. Thank you!


About Marcy

I blog about trying to get out of my comfort zone, completing 101 things in 1001 days (and beyond), and writing my memoirs. My book: Timid No More.

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6 Responses to I want to feature your tips and stories: Comfort zone shake-up

  1. Wow! Just stumbled upon your blog and I love the concept. I’ll think about what to contribute to this “assignment” but just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am a new follower.
    Meredith Resnick From A Mother Seeking… recently posted..Abruptly Left Without A To-Do List…My Profile

  2. Liz says:

    What’s the timeframe on this, Marcy? I’m interested in sending something.
    Liz recently posted..Prompt #187 Why We Need BoundariesMy Profile

  3. My tip re: encouraging kids & friends to try something new – DON’T push. Offer, perhaps describe how much you enjoyed a food/experience, but being pushed to try things outside my comfort zone pretty much settles I won’t enjoy them even if I am coerced to try them.

    Something I enjoyed (seriously) was target shooting with my ex b-f. The whole clay pigeon thing, very satisfying to pull the trigger and hit a moving target. I never thought I’d like firing a weapon.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..Happy Digital Holidays!My Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Good tip. I have a son who is a very picky eater, and you’re right, if I push, it is guaranteed that he’ll say he hates it. Congrats on hitting a moving target! I tried one time but couldn’t hit anything.

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