Catamaran Sunset Cruise of Doom

Whitewater rafting rappelling zip lining

After experiencing a trio of adrenaline-filled adventures during my trip to Costa Rica — whitewater river rafting, rappelling down a waterfall, zip lining — I was primed for a relaxing catamaran sunset cruise. Little did I know that terror would be upon me before the sun had set.

The evening was lovely as we glided along the waves with dolphins racing alongside the boat. We snorkeled among the tropical fish. We floated in the warm water. We had drinks on the deck.

Catamaran Costa Rica

The large black cloud that had been off in the distance came upon us suddenly, and within minutes, the sky had darkened and it began to rain intensely, a rainforest rain. Lightning flashed repeatedly next to the boat, and the loudest thunder I have ever heard sent me cowering into the center of the deck.

The stage was set for the only thing that could happen next. The crew cranked up the music, and the passengers started Salsa dancing.

I needed to come up with a different way to relax.

UPDATE–I wrote a Gargleblaster (a 42-word poem) about this experience: Pura Vida Cruise.

Costa Rica cruise dolphin

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