Rappelling Down a Waterfall

Costa Rica

I didn’t know what to expect as we bounced along a bumpy road near La Fortuna, Costa Rica, on the way to the Lost Canyon. We would be using ropes to navigate four descents down waterfalls in the rainforest.

After a training session on flat land, we followed a path into the canyon. We hiked in the water of the stream, where it was less slippery than the rocks. During our first rappelling descent, we practiced the basics of letting the rope slide through our front hand and using our back hand as a brake as we walked backward down the rocks. This small descent let me get used to using the rope to support myself.

Costa Rica

The second descent offered more of a challenge. I lowered myself backward over a platform before jumping down about 12 feet. Next, I bounced along the edge of the waterfall for about 20 feet or so. I then held the strap above my harness and slid the rest of the way, a fast zip of about 100 feet down to the bottom with a guide controlling the brake.

Rappelling Costa Rica

Rappelling Costa RicaAt one spot in the canyon, a guide laid his body across the stream, creating a pool of water behind him. We lined up downstream along the canyon wall. When the guide got up, the deluge pounded down upon us. We were refreshed for our further descent into the canyon.

Rappelling Costa RicaWe did four descents before hiking back up and out of the canyon. Our guides from Desafio did a great job keeping us safe and making it a fun experience. I would love to try rappelling again.

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  3. Rahmath says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time :). Great photos and loved your new button. Beyond 101 things

  4. Wow Marci! Turning into quite an adventurer, aren’t you? Man, I would LOVE to do things like this, but I don’t think my back would let me. I am living vicariously through your adventures!

    Who took these pictures, they’re fantastic.
    TortugaRachel recently posted..Many Missourians Just Demonstrated Their StupidityMy Profile

  5. Cindy Brown says:

    That looks like a lot of fun – I bet you had a blast!
    Cindy Brown recently posted..Wednesday Woo-Slot Machine LuckyMy Profile

  6. How exciting! Not something on my bucket list, but wow! Certainly a memorable experience. And I agree … great photos.
    Lynn A. Davidson recently posted..We have a winner of The Lion Is In!My Profile

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