7th Quarterly Report: 101 Things in 1001 Days

I now have less than a year to complete 101 things in 1001 days.

October – December, 2012: 7th Quarterly Report

While I only completed four tasks this quarter, I have to say, they were pretty epic tasks: I finished all the movies with a monumental effort, I sprayed my blog name on my garage doors, and I became a zombie. Plus, I got cheese souffle.

(37 more things to go!)

Tasks completed:

#14. Watch all of IMDb’s Top 250 Movies: The credits finally roll on the IMDb Top 250.

  • Sleuth (Enjoyed it.)

101 things in 1001 days

#26. Make a soufflé: Sometimes redemption is cheesy

cheese souffle

#33. Paint the garage doors: Graffiti to the Rescue: I Tagged My Garage

Don't Be Too Timid and Squeamish Graffiti (Hear it set to music!)

#65. Get a makeover: Zombie Makeover: A Behind the Scenes Look

Tasks I am making progress on:

#32. Walk 10,000 steps a day for an average of six days a week: Still Stepping.

#53. Eat meatless at least one day a week on average. (Working on this, Meatless Monday updates here.)

vegetarian recipe Cooking video: butternut squash pasta sauce

#75. Read at least 15 classics I’ve never read. (6/15 completed)

Previously read during this challenge:

#79. Dance my way through Dance Central with Kinect. (Slow progress. Man, I’m a klutz.)

My previous reports:

101 things button 6th Quarterly Report: 101 Things in 1001 Days 101 Things in 1001 Days

With less than a year to go, I had better pick up the pace.

What’s on your list?

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I blog about trying to get out of my comfort zone, completing 101 things in 1001 days (and beyond), and writing my memoirs. My book: Timid No More.
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  1. Rahmath says:

    Congrats Marcy. Pretty Sure you will finish them off before the target date:)

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