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bees on beehive

Closeup of a beehive


Every picture tells a story

I love the photos that capture a story I am trying to tell. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2012.

Rugged Maniac Southwick MA 2012

The Rugged Maniac was as much circus as it was athletic event. Some racers walked around the entrance obstacle instead of going over it (c’mon, people!), and I admired this man’s effort (from Fifty Shades of Mud: My Rugged Maniac Race Report).

Dad's garlic holder

I finally let go of the broken pieces of a garlic holder my late father had made by hand. Taking this photo helped me to do it, and I love my son in the background helping me out (from Just let go: Jump off a cliff).

US Open 2012

Two young tennis fans (from End of Summer at the US Open)

Shriners at Memorial Day parade

Snapping the obligatory shot of my son after he played the clarinet in the Memorial Day parade, I was so happy to capture the Shriners as well. Why are big men in little cars so awesome?

After the cross country meet

I took a lot of photos of my son Dan running in a cross country meet, but this one of the boys worn out after the race really captured it the best.

Examining the bees

A new beehive on a local farm was prospering and the people involved were thrilled to examine the progress (from A Bee Hive).

Corn pancakes

I speak very little Spanish, and I thought this man in Costa Rica had said I didn’t have permission to take his photo while he ground fresh corn for chorreadas; a bilingual speaker overhead our exchange and told me he had actually joked about hoping I got his handsome side. He brought me a mouth-watering chorreada hot off the griddle when they were done (from What I Ate in Costa Rica).

Feel the love

Looking through my photos from the year, I realize that most of my favorites are the ones that captured an emotion or feeling. I love candids, and occasionally that moment of the shutter click captures the essence of someone; when I see those photo, I feel a surge of love.

David at lunch

My son David, 15, loves to put on an Eddie Haskell grin when I make him pose for a photo. He’s photogenic and usually looks pretty good, but I know it’s insincere. In this photo, snapped while waiting for lunch at a restaurant, I caught the real David, having fun goofing around with us and dropping his guard.

Dan on couch

My son Dan, 14, looking loving and happy–I snapped this one for no other reason than having the camera in my hands and seeing him on the couch while I was deleting old photos.

Sons and husband on Mother's Day

I love this one for a couple of reasons. I like how the three men in my life are lined up in a diagonal row. I also think it captures their three attitudes toward being in my many photos. (Left to right) Dan: “I will cooperate and am eager to please”; Dave: “I will thwart your effort to get the photo you want”; Ran: “I can’t believe you are taking another photo” (from Mother’s Day Wine and Hike).

And then there are fails

hiking Mount Katahdin

I have been suffering through hikes for years, and I don’t believe I have ever once captured the essence of a tough trail in a photograph. This benign-looking section of an arduous trail punished me for over two hours (from Hiking Mount Katahdin, the Final Summit of New England’s Highest Peaks).

What’s your favorite shot from 2012? I would love to see it. Feel free to link to it in the comments.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Those are some awesome photos! I especially love the ones with the Shriners in little cars and the one of the worn out boys.

  2. Okay…why did your photos make me tear up? It’s because of the personal and dear things you wrote about them. You can just feel the love and joy (or exhaustion in the case of the cross country photo) They are all fantastic! (I loved your take on your three men!)

    What a great way to celebrate 2012…and I hope you have a fantastic 2013!! –Lisa

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