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Less Timid, Less Squeamish: My Second Blogoversary

In my second year of blogging, I really clicked it up a notch as my blog’s tagline changed in my head from this: “What happens when a timid and squeamish woman decides it’s time for a change?” to this: “This … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes

As I secretly started my “Say yes to everything” day, I imagined scenes from the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man: Learn Korean? Yes. Get in a fight? Let’s go! Ride a motorcycle? You bet. Get a mail-order bride? Why not? … Continue reading

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Pork, Squid, and Milkfish: A Filipino Meal

The man explained the choices at the steam table, but hesitated at the second pork dish. “And this one is — I don’t know if I should tell you what it is.” He gave a nervous laugh as he stirred … Continue reading

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A favorite landscape: Porcelain Basin

One of my favorite landscapes: Porcelain Basin at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. A trail winds through a vast, white rock-sheet that looks like snow, dotted with blue, boiling geothermal pools. Related Links: See other reader-submitted landscapes at Digital Photography School … Continue reading

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Spam, Spam, Shrimp, and Spam: Spambalaya Jambalaya

{Celebrate your courage: Send me a postcard.} “The Spam thudded onto the cutting board with an Alpo-esque scthfflurumphhh.” I came across a strange recipe for Spambalaya Jambalaya, and it ended up on my 101 things list. Aside from its awesome name, I … Continue reading

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A church where an atheist can feel at home

#5. 101 things in 1001 days: Attend a UU church meeting. As someone who has lost her religion, I still seek the community that a church can provide. Over the past few years, I have occasionally attended church services, but … Continue reading

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