Roller Derby Jam

Roller Derby Diptych 2

CT RollerGirls

The Queen City Cherry Bombs defeated the Yankee Brutals in the opening match of the CT RollerGirls season in a fast-paced, exciting match.


101 things button #6 (101 things in 1001 days): Go to a roller derby.

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3 Responses to Roller Derby Jam

  1. You come up with the coolest things to do!

  2. I love roller derby! I have a friend that used to be on the team here but she moved to LA. Sad face. Isn’t it fun though!?

    • Marcy says:

      How cool! It seemed like you’d have to be pretty tough. They were getting knocked around quite a bit. 🙂 It was fun to watch how they could manuever around each other so well.

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