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Getting the Strength of a Cobra in Laos

Every now and then there is a suspended moment when I am faced with a choice: yes or no. I have begun to relish the moment of saying yes, of being open to the experience. And if I decide to … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum

I toured a new museum in Hamden, Connecticut, that is devoted to telling the story of the Great Hunger in Ireland. One thing I didn’t know about the terrible famine in Ireland from 1845 to 1852 was that there was … Continue reading

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American Fried Rice and Mother’s Day Brunch

After wisely bypassing the menu item called “American Fried Rice” at our Bangkok hotel several times, my husband finally gave in to curiosity and ordered it, and we got a glimpse into the secret world of how Thais imagine Americans: … Continue reading

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Penelope, Persephone, and Imperfection

With the Internet down on a Saturday morning and the rest of the house asleep, I poured myself a cup of coffee and flipped through the pages of my newly published ebook. I had just gotten a message of praise … Continue reading

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A bucket of golf balls

I hit a bucket of golf balls on a beautiful spring afternoon, and at least a few of them went far, straight, and true. I looked up in time to see them arcing gracefully against the blue sky and puffy … Continue reading

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