F1 Racing: Look at That Maniac Go

F1 go kart racing group

Although I’ll get my hackles up if I hear a sexist comment about women drivers, I’ll admit it: I’m not a great driver. I have a safe driving record, though, as long as you don’t count the time I crashed into my garage while backing out and had to drive to work with my bumper bungeed on, or the time I crashed into a convenience store that was just sitting there minding its own business while I pulled up at a ripping three miles per hour.

So I was feeling a little insecure about trying high-speed go kart racing at F1 Boston.

It only made matters more scary that two of my brothers were along for the ride. Growing up with them was a series of ultra competitive card games and trivia contests. Yeah, I usually win. It’s a lot to live up to, being the best at everything (winky face here for all readers who do not share a significant chunk of my DNA).

My older brother Jay knew I was nervous during our safety orientation, so he peppered in helpful comments like, “Do you think they’ll show the crash and burn footage in this video?”

F1 go kart racing track collage

F1 go kart ready to raceReady for F1 racing

Geared up in a race suit, helmet, and neck brace, I was sweating and cautious during our first lap under the yellow flag. My nervousness went away instantly as I put the pedal to the metal up the first hill, only to come back seconds later upon seeing the huge “slow” sign before the hairpin turn.

I relaxed a bit and had fun, mainly focusing on just staying out of everyone’s way as they passed me like maniacs.

I was lapped several times in the 15-lap race. No worries. There are always card games and trivia contests.

F1 go kart racing group men
The Right Stuff? My husband Randy, my older brother Jay, my nephew Michael, and my oldest younger brother Joe.

F1 go kart Randy in race suit

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  1. Annette says:

    I was lapped too when I did this, but it was still so much freakng fun!

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