Other people’s garbage

Ragged Mountain collage

There is a group of people who are far from evil, but still hard to understand. They throw their garbage down wherever they happen to be. I live on a fairly busy road, and people will sometimes toss their Burger King trash into my yard as they drive by. They drive along, take the last bite of their Whopper, so clearly it’s time to toss their garbage out of their window into my yard.

Do you understand these people?

Ragged Mountain viewThe other day, I hiked with my family along a stretch of the Metacomet Trail, and we filled up a garbage bag with other people’s trash as we went, mostly food wrappers and beer bottles and cans. For the record, slobs who like to dump their garbage in the woods tend to favor Budweiser.

We took a short access trail to a loop trail, and by the time we returned to the access trail, there were two new beer cans laying in wait for us. Busch beer.

We got back to the parking lot and saw a pickup truck with a sloppy bed strewn with garbage. It was sporting a few Busch cans.

I had a passing desire to dump my garbage bag into the bed of their pickup truck. I fought the urge.

It wasn’t definite that they were the guilty parties, and that would be wrong, right?

Ragged Mountain family self-portrait

101 things button #90 (101 things in 1001 days): Clean up something outdoors.

Only 13 more tasks to go!

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7 Responses to Other people’s garbage

  1. beebeesworld says:

    Some people just dont appreciate the earth, I suppose..beebbee

  2. Rae Hilhorst says:

    We have community clean up days here in Perth and throughout Australia, also river clean ups. I don’t think people think their actions through do they. xxx Rae

    • Marcy says:

      That’s great.

      I do find that the farther trails are away from the road, the cleaner they are, even if they are heavily hiked. The “real” hikers just about never leave their garbage.

  3. Abby says:

    I don’t understand litter bugs, never have. Good for you for cleaning up. Nice photos! Your hikes look much like ours – the womanfolk schlepping the garbage!

  4. Wow. You guys are such good Samaritans. I have seeing people litter like that. I try to put myself in their shoes like, “Ok. Say I’m standing in the middle of the forest with a Budweiser and a Slim Jim and I’ve suddenly got the urge to say, “Fuck it!” and just throw them on the ground. What is my motivation?” But I never can seem to get there…

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