Absinthe in Amsterdam

Canal in Amsterdam

My husband and I stayed in the old section of Amsterdam during a brief February visit in 2010. The canals and narrow canal houses are gorgeous, and we most enjoyed exploring the old neighborhoods on foot. It was very cold, but I noticed that after a few days of wandering the city, my nose stopped running. It just didn’t see the point in bothering any longer, I guess.

Serving Absinthe in Amsterdam 1

When we ordered Absinthe, the bartender seemed to have as much fun as we did when she served the drink in the traditional way. She poured the clear green spirit into the glass and then poured some cold water over a sugar cube perched on a fork. As the water hit the Absinthe, the drink turned cloudy.

Serving Absinthe in Amsterdam 2

I had read about Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec drinking Absinthe in Paris, and even though I didn’t really like its strong anise flavor, I liked brushing elbows with the Bohemians of the days of yore.

No green fairy made an appearance.

The_Absinthe_Drinker_by_Viktor_OlivaImage source: Wikipedia (public domain)

Have you ever tried Absinthe?

  1. I didn’t know absinthe was still made … or legal. I guess everything is legal in Amsterdam. Is it the same stuff Toulouse-Lautrec found so addicting? I’m betting it has changed a bit 🙂 Always wanted to get to Amsterday … especially when I was young enough to misbehave.
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    • It’s legal again. There were bans on it in many, but not all, countries, and the bans were lifted in the 90s. From what I’ve read, its supposed hallucinatory effects weren’t true, and it got a bad rap.

  2. I would love to visit Amsterdam. I’m not a fan of anise flavor either, but I might just have to do the Absinthe if I ever get there.

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