My Third Blogoversary, and Life Without a List

101 things in 1001 daysMy third year of blogging was my favorite so far. I was consumed with completing my list of 101 things in 1001 days, and I had a lot of fun with plenty to write about. (Related post: Year in Review, 2013)

Now that the challenge is over, I am trying to think of what’s next. I liked having a focus for my energy, and I liked how my eclectic list led me to many enriching experiences. As much as I loved working through my list, though, I am sure that I don’t want to make another one.


I have a tendency toward “all or nothing” behavior. I will get obsessively committed to a task, but then once I complete it, I lose interest.

funny search termFor example, I committed to walking at least 10,000 steps a day. It was on my list to do it at least six days a week. Good goal, right? Once I got a streak going, though, I would not let myself break the streak. I love streaks for their own sake, but I also worried that I would sink back to couch potatoness once the streak was broken. I kept up the streak for 1,043 days, including days when I should have just let the streak end (going out on my own in a sketchy Costa Rican area as midnight approached springs to mind). Finally, I made a purposeful decision to break the streak. And what happened? I sat on the couch for the next four months and gained 10 pounds. All or nothing.

So, really, one of my main goals for the coming year is to take life as it comes. I want to be moderate and change the “all or nothing” approach.

funny search termsNow that I am list-less, I am looking for a new focus, and I haven’t found it yet. I know that I want to take on bigger, more meaningful challenges. (As fun as it was to get a zombie makeover or throw a Spam dinner party, it didn’t exactly change my life or the world.)

I am worried, I admit, about having fewer topics to write about, but life always rolls along and brings new opportunities. We’ll see one year from now whether my fourth year of blogging was a wild success or a petered-out failure, or just maybe something in between.

I looked over the things from my list that brought me the most satisfaction, and I would like to keep them going — in a moderate way. Please excuse the list-like nature of what follows, but these are things that I would like to keep going in some way:

  • Confronting fear
  • Trying new things
  • Helping others
  • Guitar playing
  • Walking regularly
  • Push-ups
  • Knitting

Funny Search Terms

Each year, on my blogging anniversary, I like to look over the search terms people Googled to find my blog. I will never understand the people out there in cyberspace, but I like the boost in my stats that their ridiculous queries provide.

Random search weirdness:

  • freakshow (What’d I do?) (my post)
  • love song if j alfred potluck (Try a little harder, people. That’s barely even close.) (my post)
  • Apocalypse Girls [in Persian] (my post)
  • too timid mama said turkey leg (my post)
  • kittens drawer (my post)
  • brain made from peach pit

My blog provides a guide to recreational activities:

  • woman and donkey f#@king (I never wrote about that, I swear.) (my post)
  • cardio tennis hate (I love it, though.) (my post)
  • how to do rugged maniac if you are fat (Ouch, Google. Just ouch.) (my post)
  • frog yoga (my post)
  • teen summer bucket lust (my post)
  • minecraft mom in real life (my post)

My blog solves people’s problems:

  • who to call i got graffiti in my garage (my post)
  • in what order should i hear led zeppelin (my post)
  • why do i pussyfoot around my 20 year old son? (my post)
  • how to look after a zombie (my post)
  • what happens if you don’t get a fortune in your fortune cookie (my post)
  • how to wear a luminous yellow jumper (my post)

Keep on searching, people. You never know what you’ll find.


blog statsIn May, I kept refreshing my blog stats on my phone one afternoon, excited to see my stats reach 100,000 views, 854 days after beginning my blog. I have a small blog, but a milestone is a milestone, and this one seemed pretty cool.

I had a more dubious achievement a few weeks ago when I checked my stats and saw a lot of visits coming from a BuzzFeed post. I clicked through to check it out, and my anxiety ratcheted up at the headline: 12 Worst Types of Kisses. What Internet troll was making fun of me? But it happily turned out to be harmless, and pretty funny too. (I’m #5 on the list, the Desert Rose.)

BuzzFeed zombie kiss Facebook screenshot

Timid No More

comfort zone free ebookDuring this past year, I published an eBook (on Amazon), Timid No More, that collected my favorite experiences from my list of 101 things in 1001 days. Now that I’ve completed the list, I’m updating the book to include all 101 things. (I think there will be a way to get the updated version for free if you’ve already purchased the first edition.) It’s a labor of love mainly for myself, but I have so appreciated the people who have shared kind words about it. (More info here.)

Here’s to a great fourth year of blogging. Thank you to all the readers who have supported and encouraged me. I appreciate it, and you motivate me to keep writing.

Previous blog anniversaries

(I had my search term pictures made through Fiverr, here and here. I love the “minecraft mom in real life” one. Could you tell that was me wearing the Thai hat that’s in my avatar picture?)

About Marcy

I blog about trying to get out of my comfort zone, completing 101 things in 1001 days (and beyond), and writing my memoirs. My book: Timid No More.

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27 Responses to My Third Blogoversary, and Life Without a List

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey, congrats on 100K! That IS exciting. And can I just say you made me laugh out loud with the Google searches, particularly the woman and donkey. Does indeed make me wondering who’s out there. 😉
    Shannon recently posted..AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERYMy Profile

  2. Abby says:

    Fun look back! It’s always funny to see the search terms that lead people to our blogs. You’ve got some goodies!

    Happy listless blogging! Wait, that sounds wrong…
    Abby recently posted..warm fuzziesMy Profile

  3. Aisha says:

    Lol, list-less is a whole new definition, right up there with couch potato! How’s the guitar playing coming along?
    Aisha recently posted..So, What’s It Like Being a White Muslim, Anyway?My Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Good! There are a lot of songs that can be played (in a basic way) with only four or so chords. I’ve been working on “Let it Be,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” and “Stand by Me.”

  4. SiegMom says:

    cheers to your 4th year of blogging! by the way, how do you see what people types for them to land at your blog? am curious, i also use WordPress. 🙂
    dropping by from SITSShareFest. 🙂

  5. Rob says:

    First, I haven’t been at my blog for an entire year, yet; so, I am jealous of your Stats! This is an idea I love that a blogger friend inspired – a word for the year. My word is “reflection” (a personal writing prompt).

    Congratulations on completing the list!
    Rob recently posted..Worth SavingMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Good luck with your year of reflection. I guess mine would be “moderation” since I am still trying to find that balance between all or nothing.

  6. Erin says:

    Congrats on 4 years! I love funny search terms – there are always some good ones that make me wonder what the heck is wrong with people.
    Erin recently posted..Book #3 of 2014: The First Phone Call from HeavenMy Profile

  7. Happy blogiversary! I brought cake… 🙂
    Seriously though, I’m an all or nothing person too. It has gotten me in trouble a time or two…
    Natalie – The Cat Lady Sings recently posted..A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work TodayMy Profile

  8. Grats on another year of blogging. Looking forward to reading about your list-less life in the future.
    that cynking feeling recently posted..Sunday Slideshow: Sock Monsters!My Profile

  9. Daniel Nest says:

    I’m exactly the same way when it comes to the “all or nothing” approach. I tend to do things in waves, where I turn to an activity and immerse myself in it, then I forget about it for weeks, months, etc. Then back again.

    Congrats on all of the milestones, it’s always exciting to see how far we’ve come.

    And, the search terms are hilarious. I also want to do frog yoga.
    Daniel Nest recently posted..A Girl Who TravelsMy Profile

  10. Joe says:

    It’s always interesting to see what sort of searches bring visitors to our blogs. People come to Kellie’s World seeking to learn how to reach orgasm with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit.

  11. tedstrutz says:

    Congratulations, Marcy. Actually, you have inspired me to try my own list challenge. Not quite as exciting as holding a Tiger or some of the other crazy interesting and challenging things you did, but a test to see if I can stick to and finish something. I was in Costco one day and saw a ‘Cooks Illustrated’ magazine on making 40 soups and stews. I thumbed through it and thought it would be fun to make 1 per week… and I thought of your challenge and decided to do it. As soon as I get the magazine back from my daughter, I’ll start… and blog about it.
    tedstrutz recently posted..The Ending is here!My Profile

  12. I’ve had the same internal dialogue about being a slave to lists. On the one hand, setting goals is a very good thing. Helps get me motivated and moving forward. On the other hand if I’m too legalistic, it sets me up for failure if I don’t keep the streak going. So now I keep lists but try to go easier on myself. Life has a way of inserting a lot of “to dos”.
    jamie@southmainmuse recently posted..Fog on Groundhog Day. Need a ruling from Bill Murray.My Profile

  13. Amber says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I love looking at the amusing searches people have used to find my blog.
    Amber recently posted..Sometimes You Have To Let GoMy Profile

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