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Sleeping in the Sahara

In the Sahara, collapsed on a carpet, air so dry my eyeballs ache, colors transform, beige to orange to black. Nearby, unseen, a camel’s never-ending chewing keeps me company. I drift, under a purer black than I’ve ever known and … Continue reading

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Holding my book in my hands

UPDATE 04/06/14: Thanks for the votes on the cover. My book is now published! Timid No More (in paperback) — One of my favorite scenes in the old Steve Martin comedy The Jerk is when Navin R. Johnson eagerly searches … Continue reading

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Beyond 101 Things: 12th quarterly report

12th Quarterly Report: January – March, 2014 I had worried that I would have nothing to write about once I finished my list of 101 things in 1001 days. In this first quarterly report after finishing, that seems to have … Continue reading

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Unpacking my new worms

While I’ll admit this is a fairly dull video of me unpacking my new worms, I did get a kick out of documenting my exuberant revulsion and my singsong, “Oooo, they’re alive.” (Video link) I set up my new worms … Continue reading

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Mama Can’t Rap

{In response to the Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo} My early obsession with classic rock and roll, my soft spot for the singer-songwriter, and my appreciation of quirky fun all trace back to my earliest musical memories. My mom loved … Continue reading

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Sunflowers (Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective)

Today, I photographed the third sunflower that’s bloomed in my basement this long, cold, lonely winter. It’s a little burst of summer sunshine that I thought was perfect for the weekly photo challenge theme of “perspective.” Despite its beauty, a … Continue reading

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If My Life Had a Soundtrack

This week’s Twisted Mixtape theme is “if my life had a soundtrack.” Well, it turns out my life does have a soundtrack, as long as you take a stroll with me through my YouTube channel. I hope it’s not too … Continue reading

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When winter gives you lemons…

When winter gives you lemons … make limoncello! Tart and sweet, crisp and cold, limoncello is a delightful after-dinner drink, and it turns out it’s easy to make at home. I just finished my second batch; my first try was … Continue reading

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