Attack of the killer squirrel

A final basement sunflower update?

It doesn’t look like the last of my basement sunflower buds is going to make it to a full sixth flower. The plant, which was the largest and strongest, did well with the transfer outdoors at first and was still looking good about a week later.

Sunflower plant outdoors collage

Two factors, though, doomed it. Its beautiful spot between two bird feeders made it irresistible to a voracious squirrel that repeatedly climbed it to get to the birdseed.

Bird at birdfeeder with sunflower plant

At first, I pounded on my kitchen window to chase the squirrel away. Then, my photographic instincts got the better of me, and I captured some shots of the squirrel scampering up and down the plant through my kitchen window, until the whole plant came crashing down with the squirrel clinging to it.

Squirrel climbing up sunflower plant collage

Sunflower plant after the squirrel pulled it down

I tied it back up, but that night (in mid-April!) we had an ice storm. I lay awake at 3 a.m. listening to the sleet and worrying about my plants. The next two days the temperature stayed down in the 40s. My other plants kept doing fine, but my squirrel-weakened plant’s leaves shriveled up into crisps.

I’m no botanist, but I don’t think that final flower is going to bloom. Who knows, though, maybe it will….

Ailing outdoor sunflower bloom

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3 Responses to Attack of the killer squirrel

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  2. Abby says:

    Silly you. You thought it was a sunflower when it was really a squirrel ladder. I doubt you’re the first.

    • Marcy says:

      I know–what was I thinking? The first time I saw the squirrel, it was sitting completely on top of the plant, and I couldn’t picture how it could have gotten up there.

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