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Middle School Grammar Lesson

Image by 55Laney69 (Creative Commons) Slaps here, insults there. Some aches won’t ever go away. Hurt: the adjective describes the noun. They jab and tease, or, worse, exclude. Hurt: the action word. The teacher parses the axiom: “Hurt people hurt … Continue reading

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Ode to the Gargleblaster

“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy From deep in the swamp of a months-long writer’s block, one little thing has kept me afloat, 42 words … Continue reading

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Three Pieces of Metal

A family portrait in the reflection of The Bean, Chicago, Illinois This street performer in New Orleans gave my son a lollipop. “Robotron: Coins make him move… dollars make him groove.” We biked out to this shipwreck on one of … Continue reading

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Lost in a Funhouse

Image by Donnie Nunley (Creative Commons) My distorted reflection pauses as the floor rolls beneath me, the carnival music punctuated by gasps. Around another corner, the narrow passageway turns dingy, cluttered, until I interrupt two guys, off duty, sharing a … Continue reading

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9 Links Worth Clicking {1}

From my travels around the web, these were some stories that really struck me. 1. 15 Travelers Share Their Favorite Bucket List Adventures This collection of travelers’ favorite adventures is inspirational, and it also introduced me to some new blogs to … Continue reading

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Afternoon in Marrakesh

In Marrakesh, snake charmers, whirling dervishes, orange juice, snails, and motorbikes compete for attention, until I need relief from exhaust and exhaustion. I clutch my bills close, annoyed by the hard sell, until a Barbary ape clambers over my shoulders. … Continue reading

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In Peru, the Inca are Everywhere

The history books said the Spanish had conquered Peru 500 years before, but as I sat on the cold stone steps of a village square on Lake Titicaca, I thought over the last two weeks and how the official history … Continue reading

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Birds Suddenly Appear

Image by Bill Strain (Creative Commons) Feeding pigeons, they surround me, their gentle coos replaced by my desperate shrieks. Making a sandcastle, the seagulls gather darkly, so I flee. I’m calm in nature, until birds suddenly appear, all because of a film Hitchcock … Continue reading

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Hunting the Byrds and the Animals

I remember going down the road, feeling fine, when an elusive song I had heard and loved came on the radio. I didn’t know the artist, so even though I had just arrived at my destination, I sat in the … Continue reading

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