Middle School Grammar Lesson

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Slaps here, insults there.
Some aches won’t ever go away.
Hurt: the adjective describes the noun.

They jab and tease,
or, worse, exclude.
Hurt: the action word.

The teacher parses the axiom:
“Hurt people hurt people.”

But she can’t change the truth.


Update–I found out the source of the expression I quoted:

“Hurt people hurt people.”
― Will Bowen

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42 Responses to Middle School Grammar Lesson

  1. CC says:

    Very clever incorporation of so many different uses of ‘hurt’….adjective, noun, action, axiom. Well-done 🙂
    CC recently posted..That Morning MomentMy Profile

  2. Shailaja V says:

    Oh I love this one. Brilliant play on words and a grammar lesson in there for good measure. Nice job!
    Shailaja V recently posted..Reaching OutMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks! I showed this to my students when we were learning about the parts of speech. (It was a tough sentence for most of them to figure out.)

  3. Nice grammar lesson there! And sadly, middle school or high school…the teasing and cruelty continues…
    Psych Babbler recently posted..The Final CallMy Profile

  4. Some clever wordplay here, nice.
    Paul Clements recently posted..Yeah Write #163 Gargleblaster – SoulmatesMy Profile

  5. M L Sexton says:

    That is very true “hurt people hurt people.” It’s so sad to think that that actually happens.
    M L Sexton recently posted..Pro Transporter Bitch!My Profile

  6. Love your take on the prompt, Marcy! So much truth in that last line.
    Suzanne Purkis recently posted..Lost GirlMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks–it’s one of the things I find painful about teaching. There’s only so much that the school can do sometimes.

  7. Susan Shuman says:

    You nailed it! A clear, crisp message in so few words. The last line killed me. Excellent job!
    Susan Shuman recently posted..Accept No Imitations!My Profile

  8. A clever way to answer the question: ‘where does it hurt?’
    jacquelinecaseypoetry recently posted..“Sympathy”My Profile

  9. Nortonmum says:

    Love it.
    Nortonmum recently posted..The Great EggscapeMy Profile

  10. Jetgirl says:

    Very very clever with the words and with expressing the hurt. Kids can be so mean…
    Jetgirl recently posted..Ow.My Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Yes, it never ends. I do think schools are doing a good job to protect kids from bullies as compared to the old days. There are so many new threats, though, with new technology.

  11. irtwaddle says:

    Wonderfully done. You have said so much in so few words.

  12. Love how you brought it all in on the last line.
    KymmInBarcelona recently posted..Workout RoutineMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks for saying that. I changed that last line around a lot trying to get it the way I wanted (without adding or removing any words to keep to 42).

  13. Juliann says:

    This is beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.
    Juliann recently posted..My 5 Road Trip EssentialsMy Profile

  14. Jen says:

    i love this, so clever. I had to read it a few times to get all the different meanings!
    Jen recently posted..One GloveMy Profile

  15. Nathan James says:

    So well crafted, Marcy, and ringing with truth about bullying.
    Nathan James recently posted..Windows OpenMy Profile

  16. Kay says:

    It flows nicely and picks up more speed and meaning by the last line, which really brings it together. Well done. I like that you express a problem AND a difficulty in dealing with it; not just that people get hurt and hurt each other, but that others (eg teachers) know it but can’t fix it.
    Kay recently posted..I don’t ache the sameMy Profile

  17. Christine says:

    OK, first of all – what a great way to teach two lessons at once. Secondly, fantastic poem. Others have pointed out the clever wordplay – it really is brilliantly crafted. Great ending line, too. Wonderful job, Marcy! Thanks for linking it up!
    Christine recently posted..The RingMy Profile

  18. Sarah Ann says:

    Just because it might be true doesn’t mean it’s inevitable or excusable. Loved your grammar lesson.

    • Marcy says:

      Great point, and I agree with you. Although, I’ll admit, when I am feeling pessimistic I don’t always see it. Some people need a lot of help, and they are not able to get it oftentimes. Thanks!
      Marcy recently posted..Ode to the GargleblasterMy Profile

  19. Bullying is a beast. Good description of its pain and frustration.
    Ann Bennett (@AnnBennett12) recently posted..Handle your treasures with care.My Profile

  20. Meg says:

    I love how you parse it all and arrive at the same place. Very meta.
    Meg recently posted..The Last Glass FactoryMy Profile

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