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Little fish circled our feet. “Piranha,” a local man said. We laughed, offending him. We tried to explain: No discordant violins played as a horror scene turned red. Our apology lost in translation, we watched and hoped they wouldn’t take … Continue reading

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Beyond 101 Things: 13th Quarterly Report

13th quarterly report: April – June, 2014 It was a slow spring, but I had a blast with a Gargle Blaster, a bash on the Brooklyn Bridge, and a smash at a charitable tennis tournament. Plus, who wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

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Yeah Write Interview Series

Thanks to yeah write for featuring me in their interview series. yeah write is a great community for “writers who blog and bloggers who write.” Who’s on fourth: yeah write interviews Marcy of (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish Places … Continue reading

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Where Harry Met Sally: That’s All.

With a love of romantic comedy and cured deli meats, there was a natural spot for me, Sally’s spot, where they hoped I had what she was having. I didn’t, but corned beef and a day in Manhattan were good … Continue reading

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Gurgles at the Engaged Encounter

When the priest raised sexual relations, my fiance’s intestines gurgled. Other couples turned and stared, so of course we giggled. The priest reassured us; some couples find this awkward, but he didn’t hear the ungodly sounds coming from my love’s … Continue reading

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The Filipek Tennis Tournament

Photos from the 2014 Wint Filipek Sr. Memorial Tennis Tournament at Copper Valley Club (Scroll to the bottom to see thumbnails of each image) It was my pleasure to be a part of the Filipek tennis tournament this year. The … Continue reading

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A Shutter’s Click

Sometimes, in a shutter’s click, the camera sees all the way through, while life swirls around, a coursing river of distraction, and the child keeps changing, sometimes distant, deceitful, yet that moment remains, a record of grace, a testament of … Continue reading

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Caged Tiger

Our fear keeps us from sharp eyes, sharper claws, yet her magnificence calls. As she rests, we cuddle her, lay our heads on her soft belly. She raises her quiet head in dignity, defying her imprisonment, and we’re freed from … Continue reading

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Hot time, summer in the city

In general, I don’t love cities–the crowds, the noise, the pollution. Plus, most of my travels are during the month of August. Walking on city pavement in Morocco when it’s 125 degrees F out or in Thailand when the humidity … Continue reading

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