It watched me like a hawk

Red-tailed hawk in Connecticut backyard

Red-tailed hawk

I spied a huge hawk and turkey vulture in my backyard. Phone in my pocket, I crept back there for a photo.

Turkey vulture and hawk

Hawk tore into the nasty remains of a baby raccoon I had seen it guarding two days earlier. I crept closer and closer. Turkey vulture alighted onto a tree. Hawk just kept tearing into the dead little lump and ignored both me and a cloud of buzzing flies.

(Red-tailed hawk video link: Eating amid a cloud of flies)

When I was within about 12 feet, turkey vulture got upset and with great, scary flaps took off from the tree.

Even though I was close, Hawk just looked at me like, “Hawk don’t care. Hawk don’t give a &#$%,” and I knew that my eyeballs were in jeopardy if I crept any closer. Hawk let out a call that said as much, the screaming “eagle” call that Stephen Colbert plays.

(Red-tailed hawk video link: talking to me)

After about 10 minutes, I backed away slowly, only to go into the house and return with my real camera.

Red-tailed hawk

I had originally planned to keep creeping closer until I recorded video of it flying away, but I decided that I didn’t want to scare it, that I wanted it to feel welcome in my backyard.

Yeah, that’s it, not that I was worried it would attack me and I would lose my eyeballs in pursuit of a sharper photograph of a hawk in my backyard.

Red-tailed hawk in Connecticut backyard

Are you looking at me?

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  1. Abby says:

    Beautiful raptor! Nice of you to not make him feel unwelcome. 😉

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