Rich Relations

Amsterdam flowers

A day with rich relations
loomed across the state.
My state: annoyed.

They called us slobs
and the Addams Family.

So I ignored my flowery jumper
and wore my army green t-shirt,
bleach-splotched and torn,
truly insisting that it was my favorite.

army green

#16 of 42 (Gargleblaster page)

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I blog about trying to get out of my comfort zone, completing 101 things in 1001 days (and beyond), and writing my memoirs. My book: Timid No More.
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13 Responses to Rich Relations

  1. Mridubala says:

    That was cool! 🙂
    Mridubala recently posted..Flower Vs TrapMy Profile

  2. I like the “truly insisting it was my favorite” part.
    that cynking feeling recently posted..silent frequenciesMy Profile

  3. Melanie L. says:

    I love the spunk!

  4. This was devilshy delightful!!
    I grew up on a farm and loved to be feisty with our “rich relations”
    What an awesome and original take on the prompt!!
    Michelle Terry recently posted..Where have all the flowers gone?My Profile

  5. Abby says:

    Getting under the skin of rich relations is a fave hobby of mine. Love this!

  6. Creative direction with the prompt! I don’t have any rich relations…
    Jennifer Knoblock recently posted..You seek flowersMy Profile

  7. Jen says:

    I’d have considered the Adams family a compliment. ha ha
    Jen recently posted..Trending at the Bru-Nutt HouseMy Profile

  8. Jen says:

    annnd I spelled that wrong. sigh.
    Jen recently posted..Trending at the Bru-Nutt HouseMy Profile

  9. Nathan James says:

    I would absolutely wear the bleached stained t shirt if I knew it would annoy people I don’t like. I admire how you made the day loom over the state and not the snobby people.
    Nathan James recently posted..ErosionMy Profile

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