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When traveling, it’s often the simplest moments that make the most vivid impressions, those little experiences when your senses are immersed in the local culture, and you have time to let it soak in. I love planning adventurous excursions when I travel; equally important, though, is to have plenty of downtime to just wander around or sit and watch the world go by.

In Amsterdam, I loved wandering through the streets and looking for Gevelsteens, gable stones that identified certain residences or businesses from before they used street numbers.

Die Vinders Kamer Gable Stone Amsterdam   De Meeremin Gable Stone Amsterdam

Walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam was a strange experience, but this little moment of watching the swans in a small canal was peaceful. I like how the red lights are reflected in the water to instantly remind me of the exact time and place.

Swans in red light district, Amsterdam

Rushing through the Fes Medina in Morocco brought an intense collection of sights and sounds, but these beautifully arranged, succulent olives are what slowed me down for a moment. {See also: Fes medina video}

Olives Fes Medina Morocco

In Essaouira, we had a whole afternoon to wander the medina and watch the men working on the blue boats in the harbor.

Blue boats, Essaouira Morocco

In Greece, we had a series of memorable meals, but after two weeks of busting our budget, we were ready to simplify. One of our favorite meals was also the cheapest. After an afternoon of climbing ancient steps higher and higher to a cathedral at the top of an island, we made our way back down and devoured these freshly prepared gyros, packed with lamb, creamy tzatziki sauce, vegetables, and French fries, at little tables right on the street, motorbikes streaming by. They only cost $3; we went back for seconds. {See also: What I Ate in Greece}

Gyros Greece

In Thailand, we took a few moments on our way to somewhere to try the dragon fruit juice being sold by a street vendor. The lovely display is what caught my eye and made me want to try it.

Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes, too, the simplest photos are the best. The vivid alpaca yarn in this photo was dyed by women in the Sacred Valley in Peru using natural ingredients such as insects and plants.

Dyed alpaca yarn Sacred Valley Peru

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