Join me in a new link party: MultiMEDIA Splice

Multimedia Splice Link Party

Bloggers! Please join me

Join me in a new link party starting next week: MultiMEDIA Splice

The first week’s theme: Meat
(Starting Sunday, November 30.)

I invite you to link up every Sunday with your multimedia exploration of the week’s theme. Then, visit the blogs that link up. Hopefully, we’ll all get some new visitors and meet some new bloggers, or at least we’ll all marvel at our multimedia posts.

What is MultiMEDIA Splice?

Basically, pick 3 (or more) ways to explore each week’s theme, such as with a mix of text, photos, and video.

Some multimedia ideas:

  • Text
  • Video (video blog or other embedded video)
  • Music (an embedded song or other audio)
  • Photograph (new or from your archives)
  • Quotation
  • Gif (animated gif or comic on the theme)
  • Timeline (or infographic)
  • Embedded tweet
  • Other ideas?

I hope to see you next week!

Check out the Daily Post multimedia challenge for some great information about multimedia posts.

An embedded video:

(Video link)

An embedded song:

(If there is no mp3 player embedded above, try here and click the attachment.)

Any suggestions for a future theme? Let me know in the comments or at

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