Searching for Dan Donnelly’s right arm

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The Hideout Kilcullen Ireland

I walked into the pub and tried to act nonchalant, but just how do you bring up that you’re looking for the preserved arm of a bare-knuckle boxer from the 19th century?

Slowly. That’s how you bring it up.

I ordered a Bulmers and sat down at the bar, where the bartender was watching an Irish rugby match. I knew nothing about Irish rugby, so I threw in some color commentary that consisted of “oh no” and “what?”

I had seen a little blurb in a guide book that long ago gravediggers had stolen the body of Dan Donnelly, a famed bare-knuckle boxer with arms so long that it was said he could button his knee-breeches without stooping, and that his right arm had eventually ended up at the Hideout, a pub in Kilcullen, Ireland.

I felt a bit squeamish. Still, drinking a hard Irish cider, chatting up a friendly Irish bartender, and watching a tough Irish rugby match created an Irish trifecta that allowed me to summon up the courage to bring up the arm.

Dan Donnelly poster at the Hideout“So… I hear you have an arm here?”

“What was that, miss?”

After a panicked moment that I was in the wrong place, I blundered on.

“Uh, Dan Donnelly, you know, the boxer?”

“Oh!” He was thrilled with this. “We did have his arm, but we don’t have it anymore. Just a moment.”

He disappeared into a back room and emerged with a rolled up paper.

“Here, you can have this,” he said, as he presented me with a poster that told the tale.

So that’s why a poster of Dan Donnelly, the bare-knuckle boxer, now rests above the little bar in my basement.

Dan Donnelly poster

The arm itself eluded me. I afterwards learned that while I was in Ireland, it was in New York, a two-hour train ride from my home. It has since returned to Ireland, and I hope one day that Donnelly will be reunited with it.

I leave you with a clip from my favorite movie about an Irish bare-knuckle boxer: Snatch, featuring Brad Pitt in hilarious mumble-mode.

(Video link)

Pubs of Ireland collage

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Dan Donnelly strip

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  1. Abby says:

    How do you even find out about these things?!
    I loved every Brad Pitt scene in Snatch, even though I couldn’t hardly understand a word he said!

    • Marcy says:

      lol–I seem to be drawn to the odd little tidbits. I thought Pitt was hilarious, but, yeah, I wanted to turn on the closed captions at one point.

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