Escape New Haven, or Not

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“You find yourself trapped in a madman’s workshop. Can you figure out how to use his tools and inventions against him to escape in 1 hour, before he releases the poison gas and puts an end to your attempts?”
–Escape New Haven, The Workshop


Surely the evil laugh of a madman was all in my head as the clock ticked down on our attempt to escape from his workshop. We’d spent the first 15 minutes or so making very little progress, but then we started picking up some momentum as we solved puzzles, opened combination locks, and made our way into a back room of the dimly lit space.

Escape New HavenEscape games are sweeping the nation, and my family and I made up a four-person team to test our skills at Escape New Haven. I don’t want to give away any of their secrets, but we had to find hidden objects and decipher a series of clues to open various containers that held more clues. Every now and then, we’d get an extra nudge on the computer monitor to help us move in the right direction. (OK, lots and lots of nudges.)

We were finally unlocking the last obstacle when we had about a minute left before the poison gas was set to fall. We were going to make it! A final little twist did us in, though, and as we fumbled with a key in the escape door, the time ran out. Another 30 seconds is all we needed, but it was too late.

So close!

This was a challenging hour that went by oh so quickly. We’d like to give one of their other scenarios a try, and after a steep learning curve we think we could do better next time.

Have you ever tried an escape adventure game?

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    Looks like fun, I would so do this!
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