What I Ate on Christmas: Lasagna, Roasted Pears, and Fudgestravaganza

Christmas table setting with Christmas cracker

With my older son home from college, Christmas was more special than ever, and I cooked up a festive meal to celebrate.

As with our long-standing tradition, I threw an already-assembled breakfast casserole into the oven when we awoke, and it baked while we opened our Christmas presents.

Christmas breakfast casserole

We didn’t have lunch, but we broke out the fudge for our first-ever Fudgestravaganza. We’d put molten fudge into ramekins the day before and mixed in various treats for six different types of fudge: caramel, fruit and nut, toffee, white chocolate, marshmallow, and plain.

Christmas fudgestravaganza

Christmas fudgestravaganza

There’s a winter heat wave now in Connecticut, and instead of sub-freezing temperatures and piles of snow, we had green grass and a day in the 60s, so we hopped out and played a set of doubles tennis together, just the thing to work up an appetite for dinner!

Christmas day tennis selfie

Christmas day tennis outside in Connecticut: exhilarating!

For Christmas dinner, I served lasagna; roasted pears; and fennel, red onion, and orange salad. I make pasta all the time, but hadn’t made lasagna in years.

Christmas dinner lasagna roasted pears fennel saladChristmas lasagna

The roasted pears were stuffed with blue cheese, cranberries, and walnuts, and served over arugula. I liked them, but they were not a hit with the boys. They sure are pretty, though, right?

Roasted pears with blue cheese over arugula

The roasted fennel, red onion, and orange salad was tasty, and I liked how it contrasted with the rich lasagna.

Roasted fennel, red onion, and orange salad

Our Christmas cocktail was a Moscow Mule. My husband and I had both given the hammered copper mugs that the drink is traditionally served in to each other as a present. Kismet.

Moscow mule copper mugs Christmas presentsChristmas copper mugs

It’s hard to take a #selfie in a #coppermug . #moscowmule for Christmas

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Wishing all of you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Christmas presents under Christmas tree

Years of Christmas past:

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12 Responses to What I Ate on Christmas: Lasagna, Roasted Pears, and Fudgestravaganza

  1. Abby says:

    What a wonderful day and wonderful meal! I doubt my crew would fall in love with the roasted pears, but yes, they ARE pretty! Happy New Year, Marcy!

  2. Emily says:

    I love the fudge extravaganza. That’s a really creative idea! Happy New Year!

  3. What a gorgeous meal! Also, I love your fudgestravaganza! So fun!!

  4. Cora says:

    My family also has a longggg standing tradition of having a breakfast casserole that is made the night before. We call it “Wifesaver”…. properly named, I think. We wouldn’t even think of doing anything else. I can’t believe the weather was nice enough to get out for tennis! Not the case where I was. Your dinner is absolutely spectacular. I would think the sweetness of the pears and the freshness of the salad would compliment the lasagna perfectly. And fudgextravanza!? Um. Can I join!?

    • Marcy says:

      Wifesaver, ha ha ha! That’s great. I love the casserole for breakfast, too. So easy and waiting for us when we’re ready. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  5. Wow! Everything looks amazing! I thought a piece of fudge was a whole ramekin worth…then I saw that you cut them up haha! I love lasagna and now I want to make some. Also, those mug are beautiful!

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