Jewel-toned one-pot pasta: Beets cleaning an extra pot

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One pot pasta with beets mushrooms and parmesan

I got the side eye from family members when I picked up beets for a new beef and beets pasta recipe I wanted to try, so I roasted the beets anyway and set them aside for an undetermined purpose down the road. That purpose arrived when I decided to jump aboard the one-pot pasta craze, albeit about two years late.

One pot pasta ingredients beets and mushrooms

The not-quite-a-recipe:   I sauteed half an onion and 3/4 cups of sliced mushrooms in olive oil and then piled in the rest of the ingredients: a portion of bucatini with a diameter of about a nickel (1/2 cup?), two small roasted beets sliced into half moons, garlic, salt, pepper, and about a cup of water. I heard one part pasta to three parts liquid works well, but I think I went more with one to two, figuring I could add more liquid if needed. I nailed it, though. After 10 minutes, the pasta was al dente, and the gorgeous ruby liquid was perfectly absorbed. I topped it with a little parmesan cheese.

One-pot pasta: It’s an absorbing process

The taste?   Good, but yikes that was a high beet-to-pasta ratio. I still had a pile of beets left over in the bottom of the bowl when I finished eating, and I ate enough beets to stain my lips red (or redder). It was the prettiest jewel-toned pasta I ever did see, though.

And cooking it in one pot?   Beets cleaning an extra pot.

One pot pasta bowl with beets mushrooms and parmesanOne-pot Pasta: Bucatini with Mushrooms and Beets


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2 Responses to Jewel-toned one-pot pasta: Beets cleaning an extra pot

  1. Abby says:

    Looks good! And I’ve never seen/eaten red pasta before – pretty! I might have to try this, although my family likes meet (I can pun too…)

    • Marcy says:

      I’ve seen pasta get red from cooking in red wine, too, but I’ve never tried it–my family might wine about that 😉

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