Odds and Ends as Spring Arrives

1. — Over the last year, I’ve photographed a few examples of the number 42 for a writing challenge I sometimes enter, but I recently started seeing the number all over the place. I’ve been scanning signs and price tags for it everywhere, and it keeps popping up. Does that happen to anyone else? No. Just me?

42 cents

I’ll keep adding new ones to my 42 page as I find them. I know they’re out there.

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2. — I’m clueless quite often, but how did I not know how easy it is to make a gif?

via GIPHY — from Bar Juggling Scene

Excuse me while I go and make 20 gifs.

3. — I bookmark blog posts to read, but don’t always get to them right away (or, in this case, within six months), so my list of posts to read gets longer and longer (like that never-ending pile of papers I have to correct). With Easter nearing, I finally came upon this adorable clip of Jacques Pépin making olive and grape bunnies. Just wait for his punchline at the end.

(h/t The Kitchn)

I once had the chance to meet Pépin when I worked as a small town newspaper reporter, and he was appearing at a local event. I had never heard of him, thought it looked boring, and threw out the press release. Regrets, I’ve had a few…

4. — I try to be minimalist and avoid getting specialized gadgets, but I’m yearning for these Korean stone bowls. Bibimbap would be perfect for our next Stay at Home Date Night. Hey, they could be used for soup, too.

Korean Dolsot Stone Bowl
(No affiliation)

How to Make Bibimbap Without a Recipe

5. — This was my grandmother’s sewing machine, and I remember her letting me work the foot pedal as she sewed intricate little dresses for my dolls when I was a kid. I’d love to still have one of those dresses, but this gorgeous old machine will have to do.

Old Singer Sewing Machine

6. — I do not succeed at being minimalist.

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4 Responses to Odds and Ends as Spring Arrives

  1. Abby says:

    Well this was fun. Happy Spring! I’ve heard of people seeing the same number over and again, but it’s never happened to me. What is the significance of 42 for you? I don’t know how to make a gif, gonna have to go check that out now. How’s your head? 🙂

    Jacques Pepin – such a hoot!
    Abby recently posted..midterms and mish mashMy Profile

    • Marcy says:

      Glad you asked–42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a novel), and it’s the number of words required for a writing challenge I sometimes enter. The head’s fine, ha ha. It was a fake bottle, but it scared the bejesus out of me nonetheless. Thanks for the comment, Abby! Happy Spring. It’s gorgeous here this weekend, and I’ve been playing tennis outside–yay! 🙂

  2. Nate says:

    Googling how to make a gif now. I just learned the correct pronunciation is jiff. Where have I been?
    Nate recently posted..Lining Up the SuspectsMy Profile

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