Pokemon GO: Go Take a Walk

Marcy and Pokemon GoMaybe you could say that giving teens yet another reason to walk around in a daze with their faces buried in their phones is a bad thing, but so far Pokémon GO strikes me as a cool phenomenon.

My college-aged son is entranced, and just in the last 48 hours asked me to go for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood with him — it had been literally years since we’d done that together — explored local historical landmarks during a long walk with his girlfriend, and jumped up from the table with me for a stroll around the mall while we waited for our meals to arrive. He even handed over his precious phone to me on two different occasions during which I managed to catch the little monsters myself.

I was stuck in a fog of misunderstanding for a good 10 minutes while he tried to explain to me what it was, but once I saw it in action I caught on quickly. I grew up hearing projections about virtual reality, and now it feels like the future has arrived. These little creatures are all around, hidden on a different layer of reality on the very streets we’re walking upon.

I’m pretty much always looking for a chance to get some extra steps in, so I am intrigued by this new game that’s getting people out and about, even if I’m baffled about how and why it caught on with older teens and young adults so quickly.

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4 Responses to Pokemon GO: Go Take a Walk

  1. Maggie says:

    Hi Marcy. As soon as I read your post, I downloaded Pokemon Go, and planned to give it a look later on. I hadn’t heard of the app, until then. (I know!) I guess I’m out of the loop. Anyway, that evening, my home-for-the-summer college son and I went for a walk on the walking trails behind our house. While walking, we passed several people involved with their phones, and my son commented that everyone was so excited about the new Pokemon Go app. When I showed him your blog picture and explained that I already had downloaded the app, he was impressed.
    Thanks for the post! I look forward to giving Pokemon go a try!

  2. Abby says:

    I SO want to try Pokemon Go, but it’s telling me I can’t use it on my device. What??
    It’s really interesting just how viral this has gone in just a week. I’m glad you get to play!

    • Marcy says:

      Aw, hope you get to try it. I can’t believe how quickly it became a sensation! Maybe it’ll fade out just as fast?

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