Wadsworth Falls and the Living is Easy

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt: Carefree

Honey, get down off that tree immediately! (But first just look this way and let me take a picture.)

Honey, get down off that tree immediately! (But first just look this way and let me take a picture.)

What’s the summer if not one jolly stream of “carefree” rolled into a bindle of sweaty tennis clothes and little chores I’d like to do, but maybe tomorrow? The living’s been easy for a month now. It’s time to take a hike in Wadsworth Falls State Park.

As we crunched our way through the dry leaves, I looked down to catch a glimpse of rustlings all around, hundreds of tiny toads scurrying about their day.

We came upon the “old foundation” that had been marked on the map, or did we? A gathering of ordered stones being overtaken by the forest was on our right. We checked it out dutifully, but I felt underwhelmed enough to keep my camera unused around my neck. I short while on, though, we came upon the ruins of another old building, also overtaken by roots and moss in spots. I usually hate coming across graffiti, but here it somehow made the building an incongruous delight.

Abandoned building at Wadsworth Falls State Park

I wanted to get down to it and explore, but a steep embankment kept me away. We continued on and finished our hike, and then we found a road that took us to the other side of the structure. There were even concrete steps leading down to it.

Abandoned building and forest at Wadsworth Falls State Park

I took a few pictures, but found the place spooky and didn’t linger. A particularly malevolent ladder led to depths of nightmarish damp and decay. No thanks!

Spooky ladder at Wadsworth Falls State Park

Marcy at Wadworth Falls State ParkBetween the litter of partying punks and the dark, dripping mess — plus the worry that we were trespassing (no signs though) — I was eager to get out of there.

Back in the car, it was a short drive to Lyman Orchards to pick up a pie for dinner. All in all, a great summer day!

Randy on railroad tracks at Wadsworth Falls State Park

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2 Responses to Wadsworth Falls and the Living is Easy

  1. Abby says:

    What a fun place to go exploring! I need a carefree day like that, thanks for the reminder.
    And what a great little building. Is it the remains of a home? Looks like many a teen party has happened there. If those graffitied walls could talk!

    • Marcy says:

      I think it was the sluiceway of a textile mill. Definitely a lot of partying going on there nowadays–pick up your trash, people! Thanks, Abby.

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