My 6th Blogoversary: Continuing to Evolve

Blog Posts Through the Years

I blogged the least in my sixth year of blogging, but I still love this spot as a space to publish my writing and document the things going on in my life. In the heyday of this blog, I was completing my list of 101 things in 1001 days, and since then I’ve done fewer tasks like those sorts of challenges (milk a cow, take a trapeze class, to name two favorites).

I feel like the blog still reflects trying not to be “too timid and squeamish,” though, in that I’m now doing things that represent substantial changes to myself as a person, such as socializing more with a wider community, speaking out politically, and taking some small steps toward activism. Like millions of Americans, I’ve been consumed by the terrifying turn our country has taken with the rise and election of Donald Trump, and I’ve found myself focusing on the news and little else during the last year.

Funny Search Terms

she gets her milk straight from a cow

Days can go by now without my checking my stats (now there’s a substantial change!), but
I still get a kick out of some of the search terms that bring people to my blog. 

  • she loves her milk straight man from the cow
  • sounding sticks too timid
  • tame your tiger now
  • homemade timid
  • wow head christmas riddle
  • was prufrock timid
  • nude girl milking a cow
  • tiger image dangers
  • nude cow girl with milk drop drink man
  • best way to tackle timid and squeamish
  • bad poker face rage comics
  • keep your tiny hands off our rights (not funny at all, tbh)


I started a Photo a Day project on the first of the year, and I’m not sure yet whether I’ll keep it up, but I’ve been enjoying this bit of microblogging through the month of January.


Thanks to the readers who have come along for the ride during my sixth year of blogging.  You’re one of my favorite parts of blogging, and my life is enriched by the peek you give me into different parts of the country and the world.

P.S. I updated this on 02/02/17 with an illustration of one of the funny search terms that I bought for five bucks on Fiverr, which has been a yearly tradition since my first blogoversary. (Not planning enough ahead was not part of the tradition, though.)

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I blog about trying to get out of my comfort zone, completing 101 things in 1001 days (and beyond), and writing my memoirs. My book: Timid No More.
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4 Responses to My 6th Blogoversary: Continuing to Evolve

  1. Linda says:

    Congratulations on six exciting years of blogging! Here’s wishing you many more years of trying new stuff and sharing it with us!

  2. Abby says:

    Happy blogoversary number six! I don’t even remember now, how I “found” you, but it was sometime during your quest to 1001 things, and I’ve been coming back ever since.
    These search terms crack me up, and I’m thinking there must be some weird something out there involving cow milking that I’m happy to not know.
    Onward to year seven!

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks Abby. Those search terms are best left unexplored, ha ha. I don’t remember how we “met” either, but my earliest guess is reading about the Incline from you.

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