Cold, Old Boston and a Tavern Tour

My husband and I had planned a Boston walking tour on a lovely springlike day, but that day arrived yesterday, and we walked the ancient streets on one of the coldest days of the year, 5 degrees F with a wind chill of negative 15.

Make Way for Ducklings on the Boston Common


We scrambled through some shops in a chic Beacon Hill neighborhood looking for a scarf, and, like when Julia Roberts was turned away from Rodeo Drive, I had a Pretty Woman moment. The flimsy little $88 scarf I looked at didn’t meet my needs, and a shopkeeper pointed toward a cheaper neighborhood and suggested I shop in that direction. Actually, she was being helpful; we both knew I wouldn’t be buying an $88 scarf, no matter how cold it was out there.

I found a Boston Red Sox scarf in my target $12 range, and with apologies to my late father, a lifelong Yankees fan, I was geared up for the tour.


Our guide shared a joke about the bar across the street from here: “The only place you can have a cold Sam Adams while looking at a cold Sam Adams.”

We joined a small group of Canadians to walk a section of the Freedom Trail under the enthusiastic and entertaining guidance of a PhD history candidate. She painted a lively picture of the Revolutionary years when our Founding Fathers drank morning, noon, and night and knew the best places to spark the resistance were in the taverns.


We learned an alternate take on history, one where the Boston Massacre didn’t go down as billed, but helped to foment revolution in a Colonial version of “fake news.”

I highly recommend “Ye Olde Tavern Tours,” which interspersed walking and talking with hitting some historically significant taverns. Fun, entertaining, and educational. Just maybe don’t book it on the coldest day of the year.

Photo courtesy of Ye Olde Tavern Tours in Boston, MA


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4 Responses to Cold, Old Boston and a Tavern Tour

  1. Abby says:

    What a fun activity! Well… except for the negative 15 wind chill. I’m in need of a getaway and Boston, with all of its history – and Sam Adams trivia and old fake news – is certainly appealing. Just maybe when it’s warmer!

    • Marcy says:

      Ha ha, Abby. We’re planning to tour some of the old cemeteries when we go back — so much history still preserved. It’s sure to be warmer the next time!

  2. Emma KB says:

    It looks fabulous, despite the cold! Amazing photos!

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