Photo-a-Day Challenge: Part Diary, Part Experiment, Part Oh-No-I-Have-Nothing-to-Take-a-Picture-of-Today!

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Matchbox cars fire

Part diary, part experiment, part oh-no-I-have-nothing-to-take-a-picture-of-today!, I’ve been seeing the months parade by one click at a time in a photo-a-day project I started on the first of the year.

The only “rule” I’m following is to take a photo a day. No posting of an older photo on a day I didn’t take one for me, although others choose to do that. (The community is great about encouraging people to do their own projects however they wish.) So far I haven’t missed a day, but I’m not expecting masterpieces either.

I like jumping in on themed challenges, which helps give ideas for subjects to photograph. These might have been my favorites on that score:

–a weekly theme challenge on “goodnight”:
Goodnight, Sweetheart on 365 Project
Day 87: Goodnight, Sweetheart

–an “abstract mundane” photo of a thermometer:
Galileo Thermometer on 365 Project
Day 74: Galileo Thermometer

–a weekly theme challenge on “movement”:
Moving Record on 365 Project
Day 72: Moving Record

–an “abstract mundane” photo of sponges:
Sponge Worthy on 365 Project
Day 57: Sponge Worthy

–a weekly theme challenge on “rainbow”:
Eat the Rainbow on 365 Project
Day 28: Eat the Rainbow

I also like trying to get a little artsy with an otherwise routine photo, like this one for my son Dan’s 19th birthday:
Hey Nineteen on 365 Project
Day 73: Hey Nineteen

Or an awesome pulled pork sandwich on a snow day:
Snow Day! Pulled Pork! on 365 Project
Day 40: Snow Day! Pulled Pork!

Or a slice of jalapeño while making chili:
Spicy Jalapeno on 365 Project
Day 52: Spicy Jalapeño

Or the first day of spring, still covered in snow:
First Day of Spring? on 365 Project
Day 79: First Day of Spring? (I even sprung for a crystal ball — I’m hooked for sure.)

Or not so artsy, but documenting a special moment, like visiting my older son at his college:
Rainbow Stairs at Tufts on 365 Project
Day 50: Rainbow Stairs at Tufts

And I sometimes wander around my house looking for beloved little objects I can immortalize. I covered three days with these little knight figurines:
How about that halberd? on 365 Project
Day 23: How about that halberd?

The Knight Steps Out on 365 Project
Day 38: The Knight Steps Out

Winter is Here on 365 Project
Day 51: Winter is Here

Or a mask I got during Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 2007:
Happy Mardi Gras on 365 Project
Day 59: Happy Mardi Gras

Or the spice box my late mother-in-law gave me ages ago:
Spice Box on 365 Project
Day 46: Spice Box

Or the Christmas wreath I still hadn’t taken down in March, so it became a spring wreath:
Christmas Wreath in March on 365 Project
Day 63: Christmas Wreath in March

Sometimes the fact that I needed a photo made me value little details or moments I would have otherwise passed by, like these bathrooms at a movie theater:
Monroes and Deans on 365 Project
Day 39: Monroes and Deans

Or nudging my husband to give me a peek of his whoopie pies that he’d stayed up past my bedtime making the night before:
Whoopie! on 365 Project
Day 67: Whoopie!

Or the peaceful emptiness of an early morning middle school hallway:
Early Morning Empty Hallway on 365 Project
Day 3: Early Morning Empty Hallway

And on those days when I can’t think of anything to photograph? It helps to have a husband with a Zippo who’s a good sport:
Zippo on 365 Project
Day 54: Zippo

Lowering my standards comes in pretty handy too.

Or fire. Fire’s always good:
Mattel Hell on 365 Project
Day 89: Mattel Hell

Does anyone want to join me in a photo-a-day project? You can jump in on any day. (Let me know if you do, and I’ll follow you.)

Here are screen shots of grids of my first three months. If you follow the link, the thumbnails will be clickable.

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

(I post to Flickr too and have been doing the Macro Mondays challenges.)

I sometimes miss the glory days of my blog when I was in the thick of my 101 things in a 1001 days challenge. I always seem to have some sort of project going on, though, and this photo-a-day challenge is currently filling that need quite nicely.

Cheers to the spring!

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