Eagles, Ospreys, and 42 Too: A Connecticut River Cruise

I enjoyed birding recently on a Connecticut River cruise, but the birds were maddeningly far away. An eagle at the end, though, posed for us in a tree that we could walk over to once back on land.

About to board, with the Goodspeed Opera House in the background. 

An osprey brings a fuzzy blob (sticks? a fish?) to its nest atop the bridge.

An awesome “42” for my collection — it’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy thing. Related: Ode to the Gargleblaster

Another 42! There’s a peek at an osprey’s black and white head in the nest.

These kids are punks, I can tell.
(Just kidding, actually. It was cold and raw out, and I admired their fortitude.)

An osprey with a fish

Some cormorants

This eagle made our day. From the boat, we saw it in a nest with a mate. It flew across the river and landed in a tree. After the cruise, we were able to walk over to it and photograph it for about 20 minutes. It eventually flew back to the nest. It was a thrilling end to the cruise to see an eagle up close.

(This was my photo of Day 120 for 365Project.)

 I took an Osprey/Eagle Cruise with Connecticut River Expeditions. It was the last cruise of its type this season.

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  1. Abby says:

    How cool! You have such fun adventures, and I always enjoy your photos.

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