Paella for the Win: A Photo a Day for 365 Days

With a paella photo on New Year’s Eve, I took my 365th photo of the day.

Day 365: New Year’s Eve Paella

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Day 257: Court Coverage

This Photoshop of eight little Randys playing tennis was one of my favorites from the year for combining a lot of my loves: photography, tennis, experimentation, and family. It was for a “Multiplicity” challenge, and I had about 30 good tennis shots of my husband’s court wizardry to choose from. It was also a fun photo shoot, with my younger son feeding my husband the balls as I directed the shots I wanted.

And I only got hit in the head once, so I got that going for me — which is nice. 🙂

Here’s a roundup of my favorites from the final six months of my 365project.

Day 183: Polo Match

Day 185: Fourth of July

Day 193: Which Came First?

Day 196: Dark Reflection

I continued to enter various “mundane” challenges — Day 199: Sammie Love; Day 226: Remember to Brush; Day 250: Reality Can Be Elastic; and Day 269: Nut

Day 201: Left Side or Right Side

Admittedly very weird, the three pictures above were for a selfie “choices” challenge:

“I’ve read about how most faces are asymmetrical, so I played around with Photoshop to check out my own face. My actual self-portrait is the center image. The left image is made up of the left side of my face for the left half, which I then copied, flipped, and pasted into the spot for the right side of my face. The right image is made up the same way from only the right side of my face. I’ve been looking at this face for over 50 years, but I’m shocked at how different the two halves look! “

Day 206: The Silent Queen

Day 205: Three Knights | Day 298: Ziti Tower | Day 297: It’s Alive! | Day 217: Talk to the Tail Feathers

Day 221: Phenom

My husband and I didn’t take any big trips this year (two kids in college–oy), but we did get away for a couple of days for the Canadian Open, a tennis tournament in Montreal. There were so many top players there! Here’s “phenom” Alexander Zverev, who went on to win the tournament. (Flickr album: Rogers Cup, Montreal tennis 2017)

Day 247: Rafa!

I was even more thrilled later in the summer to get to see one of my favorite players of all time, Rafa Nadal, when a friend had extra tickets to the US Open. Nadal also went on to win the tournament! (Flickr album: US Open 2017)

Day 252: The Alley Cats (I replaced this photo in the official project because I “cheated.” I know I am a nut.)

My friend Karin and I played in a local tennis tournament as “The Alley Cats” — great fun, and we won the costume contest! We’ve played together for three years in a row, dressing up in silly costumes each time.

Day 246: Bodhran | Day 259: Then and Now: Readyset Royal and Android | Day 281: Say Cheese | Day 288: Murder Most Foul

Day 308: Balloon, Take Two

Day 327: 18 Years of Thanksgiving

Day 332: Abominable Bokeh

In this one, I tried a new technique: creating custom-shaped bokeh (the weirdly-shaped blurs of light in the background).

Day 339: Chopsticks

Day 348: Spot of Tea

Day 351: Christmas Cheer

Day 358: Christmas Eve Charcuterie
{Related post–What I Ate on Christmas: Charcuterie and Cider-Braised Pork}

While my inspiration to take creative photos waxed and waned throughout the year, I loved this project. More than a few times I resorted to snapping a boring picture of my dinner, but looking through the year brings back so many good memories. I also appreciate the supportive community of photographers on the site 365project. Members set creative challenges to get the “phojo” going, and they are so kind with their comments and encouragement.

Happy New Year to all!

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The last six months at a glance:

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  1. Matt says:

    wow, great shots. Impressive that you did the whole 365 days. Love the tennis one with the multiple photos merged, cool effect!
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