What I Ate on Christmas: Charcuterie and Cider-Braised Pork

The celebrations began on Christmas Eve this year, with a cheese and charcuterie board stuffed to the brink with everything I could fit on it. We ate it by the fire.

Clockwise from top left: marinated mushrooms, Soppressata, pomegranate seeds, fresh blueberries, pistachio nuts, banana chips, brie, pretzel chips, mozzarella balls, crackers, cheddar, honey, Salami, Stilton with mango and crystalized ginger, toasted baguette, mustard, caramelized onions, cashews, chorizo, fresh cherries, goat cheese, Prosciutto, mixed olives, and fig preserves.

This was fantastic, and as fancy as it looks, the only cooking was making the caramelized onions, toasting the baguette, and heating the brie. We have some tweaks in mind if we do it again next year, but you know a meal’s a big hit when even the young men in the family take snapshots on their phones to share with their friends. I took photos from various angles before we could eat it: Christmas Eve Charcuterie (on Flickr.)

As always, Christmas day began with my popping a breakfast casserole that I had assembled the day before into the oven. I think the rest of the family set a record for sleeping in this year, so I turned the oven to low and played on the Internet until everyone awoke.

We had no lunch, so we were all eager for dinner when I finally got it on the table.


The  pork took a lot longer to get tender than I planned for. (I think I had it set too low.) It was worth the wait!

I served cider-braised pork with mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, and heartland chopped salad. For dessert, I tried slow cooker lava cake. It was pretty good, but the texture wasn’t great. (This was probably my fault after the delay with the pork.)

Our Christmas cocktail this year was hot buttered rum. It was fun to try, but a little too rich after a big meal.

Happy Holidays to all!


Years of Christmas past:

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  1. shalbanoo says:

    it makes my hungry :))
    Merry Christmas

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